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Who would have thought that this could be the epic plot twist of Episode 20 of The Flash series? Hence, by the definition of "The Trap", that was truly a tremendous and risk-taking kind of action and drama that caught up the viewers right at the moment of bold revelation! Wow.

Well, Hey! This series is just keep getting better and better every week. Congratulations WestAllen shippers! Iris already know who The Flash is. Finally! Is everyone still giggling up until now? Oh, Maybe. Thus, it all comes down in one conclusion....It only takes one spark before she knew it was Barry Allen behind the mask. It's definitely a total joy for this ship! Yet, this is quite intriguing by the fact that how is she going to deal with that dropped information even though there's already a hint on how it will be played. Thanks to the new promo video of next week's episode! If you haven't watched it yet, better click The Flash FB page.

Let's check out the highlights of this episode. Of course! Believe it or not, Iris West got the top spot of all scenes. Congrats Candice! Not Accola, 'cause she's on TVD. Lol!

Iris West-Allen on the byline

Iris West is married to Barry Allen in the future
Iris West is married to Barry Allen in the future

We already know the endgame for this series even if we get more than 10 seasons. Sorry to those other shippers, but I guess, Barry Allen really belongs to Iris West until the end. He may have other relationships at the present time, but this newspaper from the future has already spoken. He will then end up to the person who he truly loves the most, and she is the one and only, Iris West.

But, the question is, in that future timeline, does Iris already know that her husband is the speedster she has written about? I don't think she would still write about The Flash if at that time she knows it was Barry Allen. Instead, if she knows, she would probably spend searching for Barry to be reunited with him. Unless she has already know many things about meta-humans, tachyon prototype device and its function for time travel. Reporter Iris time travelling huh, that would be exciting! Well then, I'm excited to see a smarter and braver Iris West in the future.

We also learned how Iris felt about Barry when he was in a coma during flashbacks. As we may remember, Iris had a heart to heart talk with her dad. She told that Barry was too late because she's with Eddie now. Obviously, this was a part of foreshadowing her true feelings. It means to say that if it wasn't for Harrison Wells a.k.a. Reverse Flash's particle accelerator explosion, she would have dated Barry and they would probably end up together in the first half of the season. Oh, burn. Maybe, Wells really meant to tear the power couple apart to prep Iris for Eddie. Remember when he said Eddie is his insurance? There's something fishy about this.

Barry originally created Gideon

Gideon revealed Wells' secret to Barry Allen
Gideon revealed Wells' secret to Barry Allen

What a mind-blown revelation from Gideon! This A.I. created from the future was totally brilliant and magnificent. Bombarded with so many questions, it was a jaw-dropping moment when Gideon mentioned Barry being the founding member of... Ehem! Justice....League! Plus, he also created Gideon from the future, that's why she's following all his commands. What a bomb!

Now that Harrison Wells left the Star Labs building, Barry would definitely lead the team and have a quite fun time with Gideon. Yet, sneaking into the future isn't that bad, right? There's a big possibility to know more about her and helping the Star Labs Team in the succeeding episodes or maybe in the next season.

What do you think will Barry's first question to Gideon when they meet again in that Time Vault?

Cisco's Death three times in a row

Mad Freaky moment of Cisco
Mad Freaky moment of Cisco

It was like Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind inception feeling when Cisco traveled in his memory through lucid dreaming. Technically, he was killed almost three times in a row. First, through sudden recall of his pieces of memory in his alternate timeline. Second, through an insidious lucid dream therapy. And last but not the least, the almost killing moment he must have ever experienced in his entire life--the reenactment of his death to make Wells confess the truth behind Nora Allen's death. Sadly to say, it was Hannibal Bates who pretended to be Harrison Wells.

It must have been scary for Cisco to experience that all over again. Possible at it may say, this inception device might be used again for future use. However, since Cisco remembers his alternate timeline memory, this might also lead to a possibility for other characters to remember theirs. Or maybe, this might be a clear indication for prepping up Cisco to be his alter-ego.

Eddie meets Eobard Thawne

A not-so-happy family reunion between the Thawnes
A not-so-happy family reunion between the Thawnes

At the almost final scene of this episode, Harrison Wells already unmasked himself to Eddie Thawne. The small awkward family reunion has finally happened between the two Thawnes. Eddie was puzzled by the fact that he's blood-related to the nemesis of The Flash who marvelously came from the future. This might be very unyielding for him to bear and understand everything. But the only thing he clearly knows is the reason why Eobard didn't kill him in their first meeting.

It's somehow foreshadowing the fact and the possibility of Eddie being someone destined to become a villainous character in the future. As far as the episode is concern, there's a big chance he could be an ally of the Reverse Flash. Since Harrison mentioned Eddie being his insurance to get what he really wants--and that is to kill Barry Allen--he is now more than willing to take the chances to use his relative or better call it his younger body? There's this gut feeling that the original Reverse Flash was Eddie, not just because of the color of his hair but likely on how this person is dealing with the same situation Eddie has in the present time. But tricky as it is, he wasn't born yet. How could that happen that Eobard looks like in his thirties before disgustingly suck Harrison Wells' body? Time travelling is just oddly ticklish.

After all the kindness Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne has shown to Star Labs team, mainly to Barry, it's now very clear for everyone what his real intentions are. Except Iris in which we'll get to know in the next episode on how will she react when she comes to boldly confront The Flash/Barry Allen. Take note also the most important highlight of next week's episode, Grodd is coming to terrify Central City!


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