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Okay to start off, I would like to thank you, for reading my article! I have a bunch of fans and a friend that have emailed/asked me to get back to writing articles. This is not going to be in order in any way, I am doing this on the top of my head. So here we go! Oh wait and also! Do not let this article fool you, this was a great movie and that these are, all my personal nitpicks and opinions. :]

  • First and foremost, Ultron had moving lips... I feel like if they had to give him lips, at the very least give him ones that do not look like human lips. I mean it looks like he is made of flesh and not metal. Tell me how there is a way that those metal lips move like that?!
  • The movie never showed us how Ultron melted the Vibranium and made his, final body AKA Ultron-Prime. Also, I was particularly upset that Scarlet Witch was able to rip out his "heart" or power source...Isn't Vibranium supposed to be the strongest metal? But shes just able to bend the metal and rip out it out..Hmmm, well then!
  • They never call the Hulk-Buster armor, well, Hulk-Buster. They call it Veronica...REALLY? why not?!
  • Why don't they ever show the team training together, I mean they live together now supposedly and are The Avengers. Teams practice together, that is one of the things I love about super hero teams, when they are not fighting bad guy, their practicing to hone their skills as an team since their not just soloing it anymore and to me that should have been the first scene, them all training together and then getting interrupted by, Maria Hill telling them she has info on where the Hydra base is..(also she knows Coulson is alive and does not tell the Avengers? wow) For example, When Hawkeye throws the 2 darts at the dart-board and hits the bullseye, that type of stuff is just something I would love to see more of.
  • Where did Nick Fury get all those S.H.I.E.L.D agents and the Tri-carrier? No need to explain that, nope, no need at all.. "literally scratching my head about that one" So there is 3 S.H.I.E.L.D groups?
  • Uhm, Wakanda is a Metropolis! At-least according to what I have heard, that city where Hulk and Ironman fight is Wakanda, now the scene was awesome. But Wakanda is supposed to be a tribe-like city, not what we saw, I sinceriously hope that is not Wakanda..
  • I remember, Joss Whedon saying that a plan for a successful sequel is to not do the same exact thing as the first..(I wish I knew the video-link for a source) Well a few scenes literally were the same as "The Avengers" but with some minuet changes, The Hulk and Thor scene where they took down the flying Chiatuari whale thing, when Hulk punched thor with a straight jab, well they did that same exact thing, but this time it was Ironman hitting hulk. Also the last fight had the same 360 degree shot of the whole team forming a circle.
  • How is Ultron making the Mind Stone float when he puts in on Visions head? How is he able to touch the Mind Stone with out it destroying him? So what happens when Thanos rips the Stone from Visions head? No more Vision, I sinceriously hope not!
  • Ultron needs to be more robotic with his voice! Do not get me wrong, Spaders voice just as is, did a good job, but they needed to add some auto-tune or something..Hes a robot for crying out loud, not human. Tisk Tisk!
  • In all the MCU movies that has had Captain America in it, NONE of them have shown how his shield is just able to stick to his back. (If anyone could explain that one to me, comment and let me know)
  • In the first Avengers they showed us the heroes using their powers together to do some awesome special moves if you will, like when Ironman used his repulsor beams with Captains shield and a few others I cant remember at this time. But, in Age of Ultron, the only heroes doing special moves together, were Captain America and Thor.. why not pass the love around WHEDON!
  • Quicksilver dies..........................................................................................................
  • How is it really possible to kill Ultron, I mean okay you kill every robot minion of his and then he can just go back into the internet and lay low. He is literally unbeatable in my eyes in that sense. (Comment and let me know if im just not looking at it the right way)
  • HONESTLY, what is the difference between Ultron and Jarvis, besides evil and good. Seriously though. (Comment and tell me, I really want to know)
  • HAWKEYE, all his lines were was AMAZZZZZING ! Oh wait, this is nitpicks! Opps
  • The heroes should have fought longer for Vision coming to life, we all would of liked, more than a tease for Civil War.
  • How does Thor just know that their fighting over Vision and just shoots, The Cradle with electricity to give him life. That part was a tad bit confusing.
  • So assuming that, Adam Warlock is coming with the Soul Stone in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, we are going to have TWO characters with Infinity Stones on their head? LOLS
  • The Twins hated Tony to death and now that they know Ultron is going to destroy earth, their just teaming up with The Avenger? Okay I am okay with that, but not to have any bad blood at all the rest of the film, is just not good enough for me..
  • How does the Mind Stone give the twins their powers...thats just absurd.
  • The Vision states that Ultron hates Ironman the the F does he know that? He was literally born 3 minutes ago.
  • And last but not least! Why have a replacement data card/A.I named Jocasta and not use it? The one Ironman actually ends up uses is a girl voice too! Why not Just let her be Jocasta..instead of freddi or whatever it was?

Well everyone I really hope you enjoyed this article! If you want me to post something on what you are interested in, then just comment below and tell me! I have done requests on a few different MCU movies and even predicting the events in Age of Ultron right and that there will be a Ms. Marvel coming to theaters.

Also, my writing style is meant to mimic like I am having a direct 2 direct conversation with the reader. So do not go too hard on me about that..


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