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I am a Horror film fan. By far the best genre!

The Avengers: Age of Ultron was released in the United States this weekend. After much hyped and press coverage this film is ready to crush box office numbers! Is it worth the hype? My answer is yes....and no.

I went to see this film and as expected the theater was packed. I looked around and seen young kids to old adults. The audience were pumped waiting to see the team of superheros take down the bad guys. Lights go dim and off we go!

The fight between Ironman and The Hulk is top notch. Two superheros clash in a no holds barred match. There are good humor from Thor, Captain America. and of course Ironman. Of course seen iconic superheros working side by side kicking ass keeps the movie going.

What I didn't like about the movie is the main villain who goes by the name of Ulrton. Even been voiced by James Spader this character isn't as memorable than Loki. Ulrton tries to be funny and yet very intimating which doesn't work on a artificial intelligence villain. Than there is The Twins played by Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. One Twin can run super fast speed and the other has hypnosis and telekinesis powers. Is there a really reason to have The Twins in this movie? I don't know the answer since I never read The Avengers comics. At least The Twins were portrayed by two good actors. That is a plus! We also get to see another new member of the team called The Vision portrayed by Paul Bettany. I don't know much about The Vision but you really don't see him much in the film. Wondering if the team would've still get the job done without the character. But like I said I never read the comics so I can't judge the character.

If you go see the movie I am sure you will get your moneys worth. Lot of action, good humor, Ironman and Captain America building up for Captain America: Civil War, and seen The Hulk kicking ass. It is a good summer blockbuster fun. but it's not a movie I consider great. We shall see how the next MCU films turn out.


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