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I am huge spiderman fan
Rubin hashmi
I thought that avengers age of ultron was not going to be so good because of what the critics were saying about the movie so I went on a Saturday night and say the movie and I have to say it's pretty awesome screw what the critics say they just look for perfection when there really isn't I would recommend for people to go see this movie that movie was funny and had a lot of good action packed sequences I must joss when on has done the impossible once again especially the relationship between Hawkeye and quicksilver is funny they always say "what you didn't see that coming"

There was this one scene where all the avengers couldn't pick up Thor's hammer but when Thor brings vision back to life and he picks up Thor's hammer all the avengers are like how did you pick that up your just a robot

And there was also a scene where tony curses and cap says language and everyone throughout the whole movie they say they can't curse thanks to cap but at the end of the movie cap curses and fury says is that the mouth you kiss your mother with

There is also romance between Natasha and Bruce it shows some sparks between them but I really didn't care about that but the true shocking scene was when I found out that Hawkeye was married and has 2 kids and his wife is pregnant that really shocked me but the moment which was truly emotional is when quicksilver dies while protecting Hawkeye everyone said "awwwwww" at the end of the movie hulk leaves on the quinjet and scarlet witch is now an avenger with a new costume which looks awesome at end cap later says "avengers assemble "

The verdict is that avengers age of ultron is a funny,action packed,epic , thrilling movie


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