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i love horror ever since i was a little girl i remembered being the only 12year old with a nightmare on elm street poster on my door and my
Butter Pecan Pa Bonaccorso

Hello my dear friends on here I just kinda wanted to all ways express myself when it came down to one of the most scariest movies ever made well especially to me and in my eyes yes this movie the exorcist scared me and probably a million or millions of kids and adults all over the world with its slow pace to the scary parts and it slowly takes it's time to get to the very real and scary horrorifc scenes .I will never aging in my life look at Linda blar the same the sound of her voice the smile on they wicked looking face is like a slow snare or has me thinking OK when is she gonna spit green pea soup my way I can honesty say this movie was and still is. So frightening to me I can not still till this day at my age of 33 watch it all the way through or by my self yhea that's how much it tromatized me so thanks mom for letting a 5year old watch something this horrorable how sweet of you.if you have a movie that you can kinda relate to as being something that scared you to death please do share I would love to here it.


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