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So it's been a pretty awesome weekend to be around Northern Ireland. Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and MCM Belfast Comic Con was on both yesterday and today. I got the chance to go up today and it was pretty incredible. I love being at these events, the atmosphere is always saturated with nerdiness, and it's wonderful to see so many people put so much effort into their costumes.

Now anyone who has read my other articles on Moviepilot will know I have always been a huge fan of Arrow and Flash, and so it has been an extra special comic con for me, because I got the chance to meet Katrina Law, also known as Nyssa Al Ghul on Arrow. What, do you not believe I had such good fortune? Well then take a look at this.

It was a great experience to meet her, and just as brilliant was listening to her speak on stage about her experiences.

Where would you like to see Arrow filming?

"Well, there was a rumour right after season 2 that we might shoot some stuff in Hong Kong, which didn't happen because it was too expensive, but for a while pretty much every single cast member was petitioning that we have a storyline where we somehow showed up in a flashback."

Will we see any flashbacks in the show to Nyssa's past?

"I know a lot of people are wanting to see the Nyssa story where she finds Sara, and they would love to see how that relationship developed, I don't know if its ever going to happen, but I know a lot of people have been tweeting the writers, and twitter has a lot of power so..."

How do you deal with the lack of privacy as an actor?

"Um, yeah, it's a give and take. Fortunately or unfortunately with the way that our careers are going right now we have to have an online presence, and sometimes it does cost you more than you think it should. But at the same time, there's such reward in knowing what's out there, being able to connect with your fans and say hi."

Have you ever tried to do the salmon ladder?

"Um, I have avoided the salmon ladder, I feel like I would break a couple of bones trying, but if I ever had to do it on the show I'm sure my stunt double would make me look amazing, so I'm not worried about it."

Is there any other superhero film or TV series you would like to be in?

"I feel like I'm not supposed to say this but I would love to be in Daredevil, has anybody seen Daredevil? It's so good, right? I'm really copying my friend Steven DeKnight who was the showrunner on Spartacus because he is the showrunner on Daredevil so there's a lot of love and support going out to him but being part of that show would be great. I'm so honoured to be a part of Arrow, I actually feel like I hit the jackpot, so I'm kinda happy where I'm at but if I wanted to expand on that happiness, yeah um Elektra would be cool, but I feel like that's not gonna happen but it would be fun. Psylocke would have been fun but Olivia Munn's going to do a great job and yeah I feel like anything in the DC/Marvel world would be amazing."

What is your favourite scene on Arrow?

"I think so far my favourite scene to shoot... it hasn't aired yet so I can't really tell you too much about it. But it's with my father, Matt Nable. I love working with Matt, he's such a wonderful man. He's an ex-rugby player and also an ex-boxer. So when he walks around he just kinda carries that masculinity that kind of concentrated thing about him, a little bit of the don't mess with me attitude about it, so everything about him is just very grounded and very real. So any time he has to chastise me on the show, it's actually felt like my father yelling at me, so its been very realistic and I haven't had to act that much around him. So there's this scene coming up which was a lot of fun and it's the two of us at dinner, he's eating and I'm not happy."

Does Nyssa die?

"Dude! Wait and see."

Who's your favourite actor to work with on the show?

"Katie Cassidy is a lot of fun to work with, she's really lovely all the time."

Who would you like to see cast as Talia?

"Um, Lucy Liu, or Maggie Q maybe? But probably Lucy Liu."

Who have you grown closest to on Arrow?

"Caity Lotz..." "For any fans of her Canary, you can see her on the spin-off."

Obviously there are a lot of interesting bits in there, not least of which is Katrina basically confirming that Caity Lotz will return as Sara Lance on the spin-off show instead of a new character, as many had speculated. Also, how incredible would it be to see Katrina as Elektra?


Which of Katrina's answers is most interesting?


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