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Thomas Marsula

My name is Thomas Marsula Jr. and while I've found time to make YouTube videos as Mustached_Tom there is another persona I'm very found of: Zeak Dartail.

Powers: As Zeak I've discovered I can go to other worlds as I please. As I do I sometimes inherit the worlds rules. I'm currently roaming as a Pokemon and and as a human with a Digimon partner. My other power is to alter energy which allows me to pick up objects with ease. I can make energy blast for days.

Back story: My father was Izuel Dartail. At a young age he disowned me and got his gun and tried to shoot me in the head. All this occurred at the young age of five. He had saw me using my powers and thought I needed to die. It wasn't just going to kill me but Jessica Dalu as well. He had the gun to my head and even got to cocked it. It was then I unleashed my power again knocking the gun out of his head. I took Jessica and along with my brother Kyle we ran off. Once we weren't considered human our hate for humans grew. However as time went on Jessica told me she wanted to try and be a superhero. So we formed Syndicate X. Since that moment a lot changed. The world became even darker and the role for a superhero was needed. I leaped into action and did my part. In the end my efforts were in vain. My group was like a ghost group, Syndicate X wasn't getting any attention.

So I took it upon myself to challenge Iron Man to a Epic Battle. After calling him Bruce Banners Bitch, I proclaimed a personal victory. It wasn't enough though. Not many people understood my reasons for the challenge. So I went to his world and taught him a lesson. My fight was in vain, no one really looked and witnessed it. I called out Iron man for a Death battle but he went on to face Lex Luthor instead. It was a sad forfeit victory for me. I tried once more for his release of Age of ultron but he was again a no show. My goal became to officially beat Iron man to prove my might as a modern day hero. Then I would gain access to a big super hero event where I would taken on the bigger heroes. Alas that has not come to pass. I continue to explore other worlds in order to gain acceptance into this world. I've stolen things here and there but I've also save my share of people in need of help. I walk the line because I think it's more fun that way. I don't have a fancy mask, or cape, or even an altered name. I don't need a secret identity much like Iron man. That's why he was first. I will fight on until me and my team will shine like all the other big heroes and villains.


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