Now where I live, there is a place called House Of Secrets,and they were having free comic book day where each costumer gets 3 free comics. Of course I went. I bought this one comic called the "All New, All Different Avengers"

This comic book is by Mark Waid, and Mahmud Asrar. It looked interesting, so I got it. These characters are not like the original Avengers. This could mean that all the characters died off except for Iron Man, and they recruited new people.

Here is what the team looks like!

Loving what you see?
Loving what you see?

The plot of the comic is that Iron Man, Vision, Thor Girl, and Falcon as Captain America (meaning Thor and Cap must have died) are recruiting 3 super heroes. They are Nova, Spider Man, and Ms. Marvel. The comic takes place in the grounds of New York, where an odd ghost like green dragon appears in front of a building. Thinking that here is trouble going on in the building, Spider Man, Nova, and Ms. Marvel search inside while the rest fight of the dragon.

After finding many dead bodies, they finally track it to Radioactive Man, the chinese mutant terrorist. The new heroes let him go, because they saved a man from falling from his death instead off chasing after him.

The one thing I noticed is...

The Spider-Man I saw in this comic, wasn't Peter Parker, it was Miles Morales! Of course he had his alternate suit from Parker. Peter Parker wore his costume red with black webbing. Miles wears his with black and red webbing. So could this mean that Peter Parker died? I have heard a comic where he does die, in Ultimate Spider-Man. This comic series includes my personal favorite Marvel team-up: Captain America and Spidey. So while facing off villains in Central Park. Cap is about to be shot. Of course, Cap could have ducked, but he was having trouble fighting another baddie, giving him a hard chance to deflect the shot of with his shield. Right when the bullet is about to hit Cap, Spidey saves him by jumping in the way. Spider-Man tries to hold the wound with his webbing, but dies.

This could have given the chance for Miles Morales to step up to the plate and become the new Spider-Man.

Also, the comic gave a look at Iron Man's new armor. It looks more plated than all the armors that we have all seen. Of course it could be rumored that this is not Tony Stark. While Spidey is fighting Radio Active man, he says:

"I can expense this, right? I mean, I'm aware that we don't have anymore Stark money but--"

So, this may or not be Stark. He could have lost all of his money, not be known as a billionaire philantropist anymore. Maybe this can refer to Ultron destroying Stark tower, or he could have been hacked. My two theoretical guesses hat could have hacked him is Justin Hammer or Aldrich Killian. If he did die, then the person behind the armor in this comic could be Piper. I mean, the comic dos not say anything about it being Tony, or a man, and Piper does at one point make a suit like Iron Man, right?

This has been referred in the new game Lego Marvel Superheroes. "Rescue" is a counter part of Pepper Potts. She does share the same armor look a Iron Man. I mean, it's worth a shot.

The only original identity in this comic is Nova's: Sam Alexander.

Another mystery remains in this comic too. Thor Girl does share the same power as Thor, and even has Mjonir.f course, she has to be Asgardian. A small rumor has sported up about how Thor does something that he is banished again, and Odin dos not give him a second chance. Also, we do know that Odin does not like Thor on Earth, so maybe he captured him in Asgard against is will so he won't be able to come to Earth (poor Jane). So, maybe Odin acquainted some one else for the job. Maybe he would want to keep Thor in Asgard, and keep someone else on Earth.

Also, it could be possible that Thor dies. Loki could have finished him once and for all (Mangok could have also done this too). Maybe some people set up Thor to die, but chose not to have Ragnarok take place. Instead, they placed them with Thor Girl.

"Th- That's all for today folks!" -Porky Pig


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