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Daredevil season 1 was amazing, and i can't wait for season 2. Add t that there are the other marvel Netflix shows Coming and they are teaming up for the defenders. I have listed ideas and characters that could appear in each show.

Jessica Jones season 1

I have a feeling this show will be amazing. What i believe will happen is she will most likely be a former vigilante simillar to daredevil. As amazing as it would be, I think Jessica Jones is going to be realistic like daredevil. She most likely will be a good fighter, but she Probably won't fly. As for Killgrave, played by David Tennant, I bet he wont have mental powers, but maybe be good at hypnosis like the villain in Agent Carter. I believe he will have a character similar to a pimp that captured her. However, it would be amazing if they did give the two powers. I also think that hellcat will be a vigilante on the show. I believe the show will start with Jessica being a private detective and give us flashbacks. she will most likely be trying to find evidence to bring Killgrave justice. I also believe that Luke Cage will seperate at the end of the season, for the purposes of the Jessica Jones and Luke cage series not seeming like the same show.

Daredevil season 2

Hopefully this will be the season that bring us our three favorite characters, Punisher, Elektra, and Bullseye. I believe Kingpin will be kn Prison most the season, and be released at the end. I can imagine Vannesa bribing the jurors and kingpin being let out. I also imagine kingpin hiring bullseye behind the bars to take out daredevil. I think the punisher could be introduced as a man whose family was killed by bullseye and he wants revenge. I think Elektra will be introduced as a member of the chaste with stick. What I see happening is bullseye shooting Elektra and the hand resuing her. Ultimately, bullseye is defeated by daredevil and he runs out of town, maybe to the hand?

Elektra- katrina law

She is a great actress and could play a killer Elektra!

Punisher- Ryan Phillipe

There are talks of Ryan Phillipe appearing in a marvel Netflix show and many people think he will be Iron fist. However, Phillipe is very good at playing a protagonist with a dark side ans could be a much better Punisher.

Bullseye- Charlie Weber

After watching How to Get Away with Murder,I believe he could be an amazing villain, and bullseye would be perfect.

Luke Cage season 1

Luke cage doesn't have the best rogue gallery, but there are a dew characters that would make it to the show. At this point, i don't know if Luke cage will have his powers and have gone to prison. However, if the show already sets him up with powers, i believe his origin will be shown in flashbacks. I believe Luke Cage will not have Jessica Jones, unless a small cameo, to prevent the two shows from seeming like the same. The villain will most likely be Diamondback, AKA Willis Stryker. The villain will have most likely framed Cage to go to prison when he try's to staighten up his life, and now is trying to get revenge. I believe several other gang characters will be introduced such as black Mariah. There will most likely be at least a few scenes with Albert Rackham, the racist prison guard that tries to kill Cage. Luke Cage could even meet Claire Temple. It would also be amazing if his lawyer was Matt Murdock. I think it would also be awesome if Misty knight is introduced as a cope. Her story could be set up perfectly if has to amputate her arm after getting a knife thrown at it by Stryker. In the end, Luke Cage sill ultimately defeat her.

Misty knight- Vicky Jeudy

She is amazing as Watson in Orange is the New Black, and would be a great addition to Marvel.

Albert Rackham- Alan Tudyk

Anybody that saw 42 knows that this guy can play a racist.

Willis Striker- Micheal Jai White

Black Mariah- Gabourey Sibide

Jessica Jones Season 2

I can't imagine only one season, but with purple man being the only villain it is hard to see what can happen. The detective part of the show will most likely have a much larger role

Daredevil Season 3

I believe the villain should be lady bullseye and the hand. What if bullseye goes to Japan and joins the hand, however, he is still working for Kingpin undercover. He is ordered to save a hand member kept captive. He saves her and she becomes greatful and becomes lady bullseye. Bullseye tells her how much he hates daredevil, making her want to defeat him. It would be neat if there is a rivalry between her and Elektra. It would also be neat if Elektra is kicked out of the hand, lets say she is ordered to kill kingpin and fails. After Nobu's death, it is very likely that the hand will want to kill Kingpin. What if Lady bullseye becomes the leader of the hand, but is betrayed by bullseye. Let's say the two of them go to kill the kingpin and daredevil, but bullseye betrays her and kills her, opening a door for the kingpin to be the leader of the hand because bullseye is working for him. This would give kingpin the manpower needed to kill daredevil. Another arc that could be explored on that season, more closely related to daredevil would be the trial of the white tiger, Hector. He has Jade amulets that give him strength. It would be neat if he was also enemies with the hand to tie all of the characters together. Ultimatley, he gets killed and his relative, Angela takes the mantle of the white tiger. In the end, Daredevil teams up with Elektra, the new White Tiger and punisher to defeat lady bullseye, only to realize that the Kingpin killed her.

White Tiger- Naya Rivera

Lady Bullseye- Kelly Hu

Luke Cage Season 2

There are multiple characters that could be introduce, but i think Moses Magnum will be for sure. He could be a character similar to Melvin Potter' He would be an arms dealer, who could even give misty knight a bionic arm (arm from an arms dealer, hahaha). I thin Coleen wing could be introduced as a close friend of misty knight, and that could lead to a cameo of Iron Fist. A possible villain could be Chemistro, who gets his gun from Moses Magnum. Let's change his back story and say he is a member of the gang getting revenge for the death or imprisonment of Willis Stryker.

Colleen Wing- Rila Fukushima

Iron Fist Season 1

Iron fist is rumored to have Dr. Strange which would be awesome. The villain will most likely be steel serpent, as his symbol was seen with Madame Gao in daredevil. It is also very likely Madame Gao is Crane Mother. Ultimatley, Iron fist and Steel serpent will have a showdown for the power of the Iron fist. Shang chi would be an amazing addition to the show as a kung-fu Master and would add diversity

Iron fist- Ryan Kwanten

Shang Chi- Lee Byung- hun

Steel Serpent- Ken Wantabe

Jessica Jones season 3

More detective work, more purple man, and maybe Luke cage comes back.

Daredevil season 4

This season should introduce typhoid marry. With the show establishing a realistic setting, season 4 will most likely have a strong enough foundation to introduce everbodies favorite pyrokinetic, crazy, killer villain. TYPHOID MARY. If she was introduced she would most likely meet Matt Murrdock and even go on a few dates, however, she works for kingpin and is told to kill daredevil. She eventually learns Daredevil is Matt Murrdock and goes crazy. It would be about time we have a super powered villain on the show. Daredevil could also tease the villain for the defenders, who I believe should be the Hood.

Typhoid Mary- Katie Findlay

The Derfenders

I believe this will appear right before infinity war. This would unite all the heroes. I believe The Hood will be the villain. He is a crime boss that is able to teleport with a hood. What if the hood was given to him from Madame Gao (Crane Mother) in Iron fist. Ge uses to build a crime empire and hires villains that appeared in each series, such as purple man, typhoid Mary, chemistro, etc. He could even have a rivalry with The Kingpin. Ultimatly, all the heroes team up against the Hood.

The Hood- Thomas Jane

That's all I have and I hope you found it interesting!


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