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(The Following is the Reviewers Personal Opinion after seeing the film.)

First off let me state that I'm always going to be a little DC biased (stick with me on this), but I honestly walked into the theater to see Age Of Ultron and if it turned out to be great I'd except it. Also if it turns out to be disappointing, I'd except that to.

The film has what every other Marvel films delivers. Nothing more though. It has the quirky and comedic dialog. It has the bright colors and fluid fight scenes. It has loud noise and spectacular explosions. Just like another film back in 2012...wait was that film called...wait don't tell me....don't tell me...oh yeah, 'The Avengers'.

This film delivers the same overall experience that the original Avengers did. The plot is slightly different, but most aspects of the original still apply.


Tony Stark wants to protect the world and end the need for the Avengers. He believes that he and Dr. Banner can incorporate the power of Loki's Chitauri Scepter (which holds the Cosmic Cube AKA the Tesseract) to form a protective layer around the world. Providing defense against the next presumed alien invasion. He chooses not to discuss the idea with the other members of the team, because he has limited time with the Cube and doesn't want to waste time debated what he believes to be a perfectly logical concept. His plans don't go to plan however, when the program known as Ultron turns out to be extremely hostile and has a plan of his own. The Avengers are pushed to their max at times when face to face with Ultron and regularly struggle with getting their crap together. As Captain America says "We're the World Mightiest Hero's, but they pulled us apart like cotton candy."


The Marvel movies all have one thing in common. Comedy script writing. There is a joke roughly every 30 seconds to a minute. I know I counted. My problem doesn't lie with the fact that jokes are written in, on the contrary, I do enjoy good humor when placed properly in a scene. I do find though that when your Hero's are put in a seemingly dangerous situation, whether it be a battle or what not, making me feel the presence of the danger the Hero is faced with is extremely difficult when the characters are constantly making jokes and smiling. It tells me they're in no real danger and thus the scenes tension is lost and I'm forced to sit through a 10 minute action scene. I went with a group to see this movie and even so I honestly thought about walking out of the theater at times if I had gone alone. The characters all talk in their own ways and that is presented well. But in my opinion far too many comedic one liners.


The action in this movie became drawn out and boring to me a times. It also reminded me of the the droids in the Star Wars prequels, which were created and designed to be useless and the soul purpose of a reason for the Jedi to use their Light-Sabers. The Avengers are yet again faced with completely useless robots in battle. They are destroyed easily and quickly. Like the concept of Zombies, the danger lies in the seemingly infinite amount of robots than the individual power of each one. There is no lack of loud noise throughout the entire film. This gave me a headache about an hour in which didn't aid in my enjoyment. This movie has the same problem has 'Man Of Steel'. The action is loud obnoxious and never ending. Yet although DC movies are criticized for it, Marvel films get to go free and clear.

Overall I didn't like or dislike this movie. But I don't plan on seeing it again. It's every Marvel movie. It's the same jokes, action and plot of every Super Hero movie from Marvel. Villain wants to take over, the Hero's will stop the Villain while laughing about it. I would say that Ultron himself is possibly the best Marvel Villain I've seen yet. He truly tests them and pushes them to their max. Other than Ultron, It's just another Marvel film. If you like those, you'll like this one. If you don't, then I doubt this movie will change your mind.


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