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Ryan Wardak

Avengers 2 was Honestly A huge summer Blockbuster with all new avengers like quicksilver,scarlet witch and the vision. Ultra was an amazing and hilarious villain too the unltimate avengers team with humans being gone to make the world a better place. We got some major easter eggs to future MCU Films Like black panther when the avengers went to wakonda to find iritium so ultra wouldn't get to it so he could become more dominant and we also ran into alyses claw the black panthers villain in the 2017 adaptation we also got a huge mid credit scene showing thanos taking the infinity gauntlet and getting ready to kill the avengers and get all the gem stones. We also got the death of quicksilver trying to save a little boy from ultron. WE got some love action between banner and black widow which was really funny and awesome some hulk babies in the future! ( NOT REALLY ). The funniest part thing about the movie i think in my opinion is when the vision picked up thors hammer with out any problems and it was just overall a great fun action adventure movie block buster and can't wait till more marvel movies come out.

I rate This a 9/10

and if you haven't seen this movie get yours butts up and go see it with friends or family.


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