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With the new movie coming out in August, and it being 10 years since the 2005 version came out, I thought that it would be interesting to look back on the second attempt at making "The Fantastic Four" into a superhero movie

1. Chris Evans improvised most of his dialogue

So those funny lines that are some of the best parts of the movie were actually made up by him... nice to know he has a sense of humor.

2. Michael Chiklis was actually a huge fan of the comic books

He also fought incredibly hard for the prosthetics to be used to transform him into The Thing instead of being made into CGI

3. This was the third superhero movie released in 2005, the first being 'Elektra' and the other being 'Batman Begins'

So it was definitely up against some tough competition being released around the same time as the others

4. Ioan had a hard time keeping up his American accent as he was constantly being sent revisions to the script

He is actually British

5. Stan Lee has said that Michael Chiklis' The Thing is his favorite performance in any Marvel movie ever

Completely understandable, he really put himself into the role


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