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10. Green Arrow

  • Oliver Queen sure as hell is a lot like batman if you think about it. Both billionaires who went through a traumatic event just to later become a masked vigilante going through the streets taking down street thugs. But Green Arrow has a way brighter, less depressing tone to him than batman does. It all started when Oliver Queen was stranded on an island for 5 years. Oliver always idolized Robin Hood when he was young and had experience with a bow because of his favorite hero. He used a bow he made on the island to hunt and survived off animals he hunted for 5 years until a ship with drug smugglers came to the island. Oliver infiltrated the ship and took it over to return to Star City. When he got home he used his archery skills to return as the masked vigilante Green Arrow.

9. Nightwing

  • Dick Grayson started out as an acrobat in the circus and was part of "Flying Graysons" with his family. One day, the mobster Tony Zucco murdered Dick's family because of an extortion deal with the circus' owner making Dick Grayson an orphan. Batman later took down Tony and Bruce Wayne later adopted Dick. Of course Dick eventually found out Bruce was the bat. Batman trained Dick and he became the very first Robin. Robin eventually joined the Teen Titans with a couple of other sidekicks. After a couple years of being Batman's sidekick, he started to rebel and didn't want to continue to grow in the shadow of batman so he went solo as Nightwing.

8. Aquaman

  • Aquaman is extremely underestimated to the public, but hes actually one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. He's the King of Atlantis and pretty much King of the ocean. He's got the telepathic ability to control all living organisms that live in the oceans. On land he's Arthur Curry. He was raised by Tom Curry in a lighthouse in Maine. His mother was of Atlantis but he didn't know. He developed his abilities at a young age. He was able to communicate with fish and breathe underwater and have amazing strength. His mother Atlannta told him she was an exiled queen of Atlantis and one day he would inherit the throne to Atlantis and rule the Oceans.

7. Shazam

  • Billy Batson, a young boy one day summoned to a cave called ‘The Rock of Eternity' where he met a mysterious wizard who warned him of threat that is coming to Earth and he gave young Billy the power of Shazam. Shazam is definitely one of my favorite DC heroes. His powers are so cool. He lives his life as his young self and all he has to do is yell "SHAZAM!!!" and he has the powers of a god.

6. Cyborg

  • Victor Stone is a nice young man with two parents that are both scientist that worked at Star Labs. One day Victor got into an accident and his parents did an experiment on him making him half man half machine. In the new 52 i believe he's one of the founding members of the Justice League.

5. Wonder Woman

  • Wonder Woman or Diana Prince is from the island of Themyscira, home of the Amazonian warriors. Diana is the princess of the island and was given powers by the gods to fight all kinds of evil. She is extremely powerful, definitely the most powerful women in DC. She is as well one of the founding members of the Justice League.

4. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

  • Hal Jordan was originally a cocky air force pilot. One day Hal was hanging out when something fell from the sky and landed not to far from Hal. He went to investigate just find a purple alien that goes by the name of Abin Sur dieing in what seemed to be a spaceship. Abin was a member the Green Lantern Corps and chose a new officer to take his place. The ring chose Hal and from that moment on he went to the green lantern corps and trained to become the Green Lantern. He's a founding member of the Justice League.

3. Superman

  • Kal-El was born on the planet of Krypton. The planet was destroyed for it was the end of the world and his father Joel-El sent his infant son into a space pod and sent him to Earth. His space pod landed in Smallville, Kansas where he was raised by very kind farmers. They gave him the name of Clark Kent and he would later become the hero of Metropolis, Superman. You are probably wondering why he isn't number one and i think its because I don't like superman. I'm going to be honest with you I think he is extremely over powered and if he wasn't raised by kind people than he'd murder everyone on the damn planet. He is definitely the most powerful hero in DC comics.

2. The Flash (Barry Allen)

  • Barry Allen is a very intelligent adult who works for the Central City Police Department Forensics Division. One day in Barry's lab, a strike of lighting hit a mixture of chemicals in the lab while Barry was inside. After being put into a coma for a couple of months, he woke to realize he has super speed. He started to get more involved with the scientists at Star Labs where they made him a flame retardant suit that one catch on fire while Barry runs. After a few months of using his powers for good the public became to know him as The Flash. He is one of the founding members of the Justice League and one of my favorite heroes in DC.

1. Batman

  • Bruce Wayne, traumatized at a very young age after watching his parents get murdered in an alley way grew up very wealthy and never really had to work a day in his life. He has a fear of Bats but when he reached old enough of an age he went to join the League of Assassins where he met Ra's Al Ghul and learned many martial arts skills and learned to face his fears. He was asked to kill Ra's but Bruce denied and had to leave the League and return to Gotham City to become the vigilante we all know and love, The Batman. Batman is one of the best hero in all comics. He is an extreme bad ass and a fan favorite. His enemies are extremely unique and interesting. Most of the best villains in comics are actually mostly Batman villains. He is another founding member of the Justice League.


Who do you think would win in a fight between these 10? Did i miss someone you like? Comment below and give me your top 10.


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