ByOdess Patton, writer at
Just imagine if Barry Allen and Iris were to have child in their future together as husband and with one being normal and other meta human...the possibility of passing on ones abilities isn't going to be put pasted in being inherited from Barry hisself . Think about this though people one day when Iris end up conceiving a child or two with him and what I see in their future is two half blood speedsters being born in the world of a violent world that needs saving. Those two half breeds are two off a kind and will need training just like their father did when you was having trouble with what to do and how to use his meta human abilities. In time they know what to do and how to become worthy enough to defend their city times two. When the time comes they'll earn their strips, one of them with wear an all black with a silver lightening bolt with silver boots and trim and the other with wear the reverse attire of the twin....think about how awesome that would look lol ......I dont have picture of how these two would look in their suits but I know they'll look as tight as their father. The DC has been making changes and I think there should be more to come and I think think these two Bantom Speedsters should be both female since the there aren't many female superheros in the Universe or maybe the can be male and female if that makes thing better but being both female might make things more interesting............ Tell me what you guys think :)

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