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What can I say about The Avengers? It was GREAT!! There was so much GREAT action and it kept you on the edge of your seat most of the time. There were a lot of funny quips, some that I wish they hadn't done (because I would of liked a little bit of a darker tone better).

However, despite that the movie was absolutely AMAZING! The first scene even THRUSTS you straight into the action with ALL The Avengers going toe to toe with a huge army!

You even get to see Iron Man bring in his "robots" to help protect civilians. You also get to see Quicksilver enter in one of the VERY FIRST SCENES!

They give you a lot of fun scenes in this movie (and they even make Hawkeye much cooler). There's also a really good scene where Hawkeye has an exchange with Wanda where he really encourages her.

and he almost "welcomes" her into the Avengers.

There is also a fun scene where Thor lets the other Avengers try to pick up his hammer. This is a good scene that illustrates that The Avengers are more than just a team. They are friends and they can have fun with each other too.

Captain America ALMOST picks up the hammer, hinting to the fact that he might be "worthy" I think. This scares Thor because, apparently, if he is able to pick up the hammer then he rules Asgard. This didn't make THAT much sense to me (just to make someone a king because he can pick up a hammer), though.

All these characters are actually HEROES too. They care about people. They care about collateral damage. This was awesome! They played them as REAL heroes in a REAL world where civilians mattered.

Lastly, if you clicked this spoiler I will tell you..... Quicksilver dies! I hated this part of the movie, I wanted to see Quicksilver continue on to other movies. This is the FLASH of Marvel. They MAY find a way to bring him back (they've faked death before) and I hope they do. This did add an extra dimension to the film though, so that was good.

There are a few dull moments in this movie where you are wondering when something interesting is going to happen, but not too many.

Overall, this movie was pretty good. I think, like they did in the first one, they made too many jokes and made light of too many of these dark situation. However, this movie WAS better than the first one (maybe a little long, though).


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