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I created this character for the reality television series "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" I auditioned for season 2 and wasn't considered, from what I could tell because my costume incorporated a mask (yes, that was a thing, apparently, even though it wasn't in the official rules). I redesigned my costume, secured an endorsement from season 1 winner Feedback, and would have made season 3, unfortunately, there was no season 3. So, here I am, the superhero that never was...


I am in possession of a medallion that grants me near invincibility. While wearing the medallion, I am impervious to mortal harm (I can be hurt, but not killed). I am also unbeatable while in possession of the medallion, but lose all of my abilities and become completely mortal if the medallion is taken from me or lost in battle. I am also incapable of committing a mortal sin while wearing the medallion. I can't use my powers to intentionally commit murder or any other immoral act. I must remain pure in my intentions at all time, or I lose my powers. I am basically the wrath of God on Earth and can rain down fire and brimstone.


While away at seminary, studying to be a priest, I was told that my father was suffering from illness and that he was dying. I returned home to be with him in his final days and while we were alone he told me a fantastic story. The men in our family, it seemed, were descended from Templar Knights, and before the Templars were betrayed and almost all killed, they melted down the Ark of the Covenant, which they were in possession of. They used the gold from the Ark to forge a medallion, which was entrusted to one of them who was able to escape the Templars' defeat. My father told me the story of how the medallion was passed down from father to son, and of what the medallion was capable, and that we were awaiting a time when the world would need a warrior to use that power to defeat the forces of evil. That time was now, and that warrior was me. I am affiliated with the side of good, against the forces of evil and will stop at nothing to protect my world from the darkness.


The red and blue, which has the more traditional medieval knight look, was my original costume from my season 2 audition. The white and black one, which I borrowed heavily from the Scarlet Spider, was the redesign I was going to use for season 3.


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