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The Simpsons have been on for almost thirty years now, and it's amazing how long this series has managed to remain on the air (regardless if everyone's completely happy about it). And as movie/TV buffs, we're sure the writers have snuck in many allusions and references during the course of this show. These six including. Let's see how many of them you know!

6. Sandwich...

In 'Selma's Choice,' Homer gets sick after continuously eating a rotting submarine sandwich. Turns out, this stems from one of the writers' own experiences. As he had a six-foot-long sub, that he ate slowly over time (eventually surpassing the sandwich's expiration date) and became ill as a result. Proving that even the most level-headed of us can pull a "Homer Simpson" once in a while.

5. Homer Simpson's High School Haircut

Homer Simpson's hairstyle in 'The Way We Was' was based off of Matt Groening's hair during his high school days.

4. Potato Chips

Also in 'Selma's Choice,' Marge inherits her deceased aunt Gladys' prized celebrity potato chip heads collection which Homer ends up eating. This refers to an incident on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. An elderly guest brought her own potato chip collection which also resembled famous icons, while her back was turned Johnny pulled out a bag of chips, munched on a chip and almost gave the woman a heart attack. Some of The Simpsons staff had worked on The Tonight Show previously.

3. Jubjub

Selma's pet iguana name comes from Conan O'Brian. While he was working on the series, he was known for being especially quirky and silly. One of those times, he randomly repeated "jubjub." And it was eventually decided the iguana would be named Jubjub.

2. Kamp Krusty was Based on an Actual Camp

In this episode, Bart and Lisa go to summer camp and their high expectations are severely undermined. As they're fed imitation gruel, forced to sleep in run down cabins, and daily avoiding many dangerous mishaps. One of the staff members happened to be employed as a counselor at a camp that had exposed live wires and other hazards. His experience there is what partly influenced the episode. The overall story is suppose to resonate to former camper's and counselor's times spent at camps.

1. Everybody Hates Hans Moleman

During the show's first three seasons, Hans Moleman was introduced. His appearance resembled a short, shriveling geriatric (he's supposedly only 31-years-old) and he regularly met misfortune wherever he went. Apparently, viewers— myself included and even Matt Groening— were put off by his strange look and characteristics. This resulted in him being killed and resurrected several times, to poke fun at the audience by the writers.

At least Homer likes him... a lot
At least Homer likes him... a lot

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