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I am back and working on my nice scholarly ramblings. Should have something so esoteric that I can make it required reading. But while I am doing that I shall endeavor to get some feedback on what I am writing. Right now I am working on the vampire part and looking for some vampire movies that will fit into my point of a vampire being something that sucks the life out of ya in more ways than one. What I mean is I am looking into the sexual, psychic, age and whatever else can be taken away by someone else.

Seriously note, I want to look outside of films that advertise themselves as vampire movies. This is where I expect some discussion and lively disagreement but a lot of monsters that are in mad scientist or outer space films really fit the vampire model I am presenting. Gotta think outside the coffin here people.

Now before anyone jumps to conclusions or something fret not, I will be including the classic vamps from the innumerable interpretations of the count or the younger hipper vampires of Gen<fill in letter or term here> . Right now I want to look at some the members of the list that don’t quite fit the mold.

While I work on getting that to a readable level I brought something for you today. A LIST!!!! Here are some of the off-beat vampires I am bringing into the article. Here is my first list of…

OFF-BEAT VAMPIRES (doing my best to avoid shouting out spoilers…..SHE’S A GUY!!!...dang)

1. The Face of Marble

Here we have a vampire that drinks the blood of people and animals, can pass through walls and evokes terror in the hearts of all who see it. Sound pretty conventional? Okay, how bout this twist….Its a puppy

Well it’s a Great Dane but everyone I have ever met is basically a huge puppy. While this one could be classified as a mad scientist movie as we watch John Carradine chew the scenery for the millionth time in his career. But this doggy is a vampire and, like most vampires, has a good shot at getting the girl. Hint hint. Fair warning, this film was made with budget in mind over quality and it is more an amusing watch than anything else. But the puppy is cute.

2. Martin

George Romero…nuf said. All right, I’ll say more. You expect the man who reinvented the zombie to come up with something very original on the subject of vampires. This is a vampire who is only a vampire in his head using hypo needles to subdue his victims and blades to get the blood out. Also has some freaky dream sequences, crazy old dudes and late night radio shows. Watch the film it makes sense in the story. It’s weird and different and all those things that make movies worth seeing.

3. The 4D man

Gotta admit. I love this flick that could also fall into the man-made monster category. Get to see some stars in early screen appearances. Here is a fellow that through his own folly ends up sucking the life outa everyone he touches…or tries to touch. Its complicated. But the site of someone growing rapidly old and kicking the bucket due to a simple touch is pretty cool. And this flic has the courage to place women and children in jeopardy. Okay, a lot of films had done that but still nicely done for the 1950's.

4. Ganja and Hess

A rule from the unwritten guide for intellectuals ans pseudo-intellectuals alike. If ya wanna be an academic who likes horror film ya gotta like this one. And that is okay cause it is really cool. Story of vampirism and loss of cultural identity and loss of oneself. Yup, it’s a horror flick that forces you to think. Now let’s be honest, this film is showing its age a bit. That cool late 60's early 70's vibe is a bit dated now but it still works and we can be glad for that. Oh! And yes this is the film Spike Lee remade in 2014…unofficially. Honk if you actually saw that one.

5. Life Force

Now lets look at Tobe Hooper's take on the subject. side note: Anyone else noticing how many notable directors and stars we are finding in this list, Patrick Stewart is in this one. From the book The Space Vampires comes a nice origins story. No capes or anything, in many scenes considerably less than that for you early adolescent young men, but they do pull the life from people in all the glory of 1980's special effects and an interesting take on the origins of the legend.Very interesting idea for a vampire story that should have been handled better to be completely honest. Idea was good but it just sort of fell apart in the execution. Can't win em all.

Well. that is part one of the list. I got a few more, okay... a lot more vampires to mention but other things as well. Please send some input so I can add to and edit this list for my big boooooring book. Thank you all and hope to hear from you.


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