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For decades when it came to Sequels, the majority of them didn't come out too well and when you try to make a franchise an extreme few have ever made it past the criticism. However, there have been sequels that have flourished beyond the previous film's highly anticipated and remotely powerful production. To name a few films that were very highly successful sequels here they are....

Godfather Part 2

Beverly Hills Cop 2

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Shrek 2

Naked Gun: 2 1/2

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

And now Avengers: Age Of Ultron. This brings the story of our beloved heroes to another level of action, storytelling and very compelling good vs. evil. You will see things you've never seen before, you will see a very underrated Avenger become the background leader. Every Avenger character was played down to a T and because the film made it more personal, you got a sense of what each character has developed into.

Ultron is now practically an instant classic movie villain that could change the landscape on how a villain ought to be. He's a machine that brings chaos by his own admiration for destroying mankind and can't tell the difference between bringing peace to the world and destroying it. He is the embodiment of classic evil that was done very well with the voice of James Spader.

The one-liners in this movie was incredible and perfectly timed not just by how they word them but how they express it and bring a sense of comedic outposts in a darker and much more personal film. The action is intense and at times hard to keep up but the film will bring you back down to see what unfolds in the midst of the chaotic battles and personal animosity among the heroes.

Get your ass to see this film not just because of its Superhero Exploits but by seeing something you normally don't see in a film of this magnitude and that's all these stars coming together to create some incredible magic and wonders of what it means to be a fan of great film making. Elizabeth Olson & Aaron-Taylor Johnson as the twins Scarlett Witch (Wanda) & Quicksilver (Pietro) Maximoff just dominate in their roles and seeing something new and exciting by watching them look out for each other whether they're on the side of the Avengers or not and it's power of dialogue, expressive sadness and the way you see their powers go on a streak is amazing and surprisingly well done.

A 9.5 may be too high for most people but as a Marvel fan and film buff there's no doubt in my mind this would be the kind of score that ought to be given for what goes on and what happens in this film. You will see a romance you never expected, a sacrifice that will get you choked up and you will see even Avengers being sited in this movie that is just scratching the surface for what's to come. You will not regret it. Oh and one last thing, when you see one epic moment with The Vision, your eyes will get big and you'll think to yourself "Did that really just happen?" Better believe it.


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