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Matthew O'Neill

The first image of the cast of Suicide Squad has been released and It is amazing.

Here, we get our first look at the characters and notice that Katana is being portrayed by Karen Fukuhara which was previously unknown.

Noticeably, we see Will Smith (Deadshot) not wearing the iconic head piece usually worn by Deadshot which is bound to cause some controversy.

Also Joel Kinnaman, playing Rick Flagg who was supposed to be played by Tom Hardy.

Jai Courtney however dons the original blue suit and jacket which is bound to hold some Boomerangs as he plays Captain Boomerang.

Finally, we see El Diablo played by Jay Hernandez and what appears to be either Killer Croc or King Shark.

Shared by Cara Delevingne a.k.a Enchantress

Also, shared by Margot Robbie a.k.a Harley Quinn.

So what do you guys think!

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Is THIS the Suicide Squad you were looking for?


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