ByJonah Alvaro Rodriguez, writer at

When I was about 12 years old I remember moving in with my mom and step dad after they had gotten married. We lived in a quiet neighborhood and our house had only two bedrooms ,but there was this little library / sun room I fell in love with. I told my mom, "I want this room ." My step dad and my mom agreed with the arrangement so I moved all my belongings into the little library. The room had about 6 windows all around and it had tile for floor and wood work for the walls and the frames around the windows and the door. It was like a small cabin kind of look. After only two months sleeping in the room I was woken up by crying.

I got myself up and looked around the room and about 4feet away was my shirts on a rack with wheels. It was completely dark but a bit of light from the streets came from the blinds. I kept hearing the crying continue. I stared directly at the clothes rack and saw two feet just standing there. As I got up I took my blanket and held it over my face and reached out the for the light. Turning the light on I felt a hand touching mine so I dropped everything and ran to my mother's room.

From age 12-16 years I was sleeping in that room and I would often see or heard this little girl. Either the girl was crying or she would just stand at the wall scratching it. I'm so glad till this day I am 21 and don't live there now.


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