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My dad has a knack for telling scary stories, but I have some memories that coincide with a story he told me about that happened when I was a baby, so I know its true. My dad was laying on the left side of his and my moms bed and my mom was on the right, and I was in between them. At the time I was maybe three years old. He said he woke up around 6 in the morning because something didn't feel right, and when he looked over at me and my mom he saw something hovering over me with its hands around my neck. From my memory: I woke up not able to breathe and remember seeing nothing but intense darkness above and around me, with two bright red and orange glowing eyes, at that point my memory fades and my dad finishes the rest. What he describes: it was a black cloud in the rough shape of a human, except it was smooth instead of puffy like a normal cloud, and so black it hurt to look at. As soon as he saw it he says it looked at him with deep, dull red eyes and at that point he (being a very devout religious christian) grabbed his bible from the bed stand and yelled "in the name of jesus get out of my home!" (waking my mother up) and threw the bible over me and my mom in its direction. He claims it flew out of the bedroom door almost faster than he could track with his tired, terrified eyes. The worst part is I believe up until maybe two years ago it has continuously tried to harm me. I would be sleeping or playing Black Ops 2 and a Uber Monster bottle would fall on my head, or I would sleep on an open knife without knowing and wake up to cuts and scratches that I never felt happening. Sometimes, if I sit in my room with no background noise, I can hear scratching, like something crawling in the ceiling, and tapping noises. If I hang something on the wall, I return to find it on the ground or messed up somehow.

As you can guess, I am not looking forward to the turn of the year, because who knows, it may decide to come back.


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