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When I was 7 or 8 we moved into a house on the end of a hill. We where the second to last house and the rest of the hill was thick forest. The first night, my brother and I where trying to sleep. The house was a strange setup. The first floor was a lg. Living room, then a lg dining room which was used as mine and my brothers room. Then my parents room. There was an a attic, a stairwell that went to the basement where there was our kitchen then regular basement. That first night I was laying down facing the big Windows. I was a little scared already since it was night time and a new house. I also kept hearing noises in the attic.

I was not going to sleep. It was so dark out, all of a sudden I saw this women. She was walking across the dining room Windows words the backyard. My heart was pounding. Then she stopped, turned and looked at me, put her finger to her lips and said shhh.

She turned and walked away. She was dressed in a white flow dress with blonde hair. She actually made me feel safe and I went to sleep.

The next day my dad went into the attic and came back telling us not to go up there. He said there was a possum.

At this point something else started happening. The staircase had carpeting. This carpet was cut at the bottom of every step.

My brother and I played there a lot. We started noticing our toys disappearing. We decided to investigate where our toys where going. We would leave a toy on the steps the go up to the top and sit and wait. Every time within about 15-20 minutes that toy would be sucked under the stairs.

We got our mom and made her watch. She saw it to. Then we weren't aloud on the stairs to play.

It was weird. Every night we saw the lady. She came to me and my brother.

The noises in the attic never stopped. Later we heard a story about a couple who had had a home up in the wooded area many years before. It was said the wife disappeared one day and was never found. A month after the disappearance the house caught on fire. The fire department came and put it out. It happened several times over a years time. The husband passed after a heart attack. The house caught fire again. This time they let it burn down.

When the fire department was going through the debree they found the remains of the wife barried in the basement walls.

We went tromping through the woods with our parents and actually found the remains of a house. It was eerie.

We also found out the husband had built the last 3 houses on that road for their 3 children. All 3 kids had gone crazy. 2 of them committed suicide. The one daughter who had lived in our home was relocated to a mental hospital. Hmmmm I wonder why?


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