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Earlier today, Will Smith's Deadshot in the upcoming DC Comics film, Suicide Squad, was revealed along with the rest of the huge cast of villains. A photo revealing Smith and the rest of the main cast in costume was Tweeted by David Ayer.

One of the things you might notice right away, is that Will Smith isn't donning a sick, sci-fi style laser-sight eye. Deadshot is known for his laser-eye, which acts as a highly advanced target, assisting him in marking his targets. So, of course, the biggest question for this movie is, will he have it? Well, thanks to Will Smith's official Facebook page, we know that answer is... Yes!

It's Facebook Official

Will posted this picture today, which shows him in his Deadshot suit and mask, reminiscent of a paintball outfit. What's curious, is that the mask has a laser scope built into it. It seems he'll simply be wearing a hi-tech mask, as opposed to just implanting the gear into his eye like in recent versions (including the version seen on Arrow). Will Smith looks awesome in the Deadshot costume, with or without the laser-sight, but I'm glad he'll have his defining feature with him when the film comes out!

Another interesting thing to note is that Will's optical gear is over his left eye, instead of the right, which is usually the eye that Deadshot uses to aim. Again, not that big of a deal, just something to notice.

Are you excited for Suicide Squad and Deadshot?


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