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When I first saw the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron I was needless to say pumped! It looked different from any other Marvel movie we had yet to witness. Something dark. I mean who else didn't get chills when you heard Ultron's version of "no strings on me". So when I finally got to see the Avengers I was excited about the opportunity for a truly dark Villian, something (maybe with the exception of Loki) that we had not really seen yet in the MCU. But yet again I walked away from the theater feeling underwhelmed.

With the recent overwhelming and may I say quite unexpected success of Dardevil, I thought it would be no problem for Lord Whedon to deliver us a truly dark and disturbing antagonist. But yet again it seemed to be the same old scheme...bad guy, bad plan, destroy world. I was ready for something different, something that wouldn't let me blink just in case I missed something vital, like in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As the movie went on though it never seemed to give me that one fight scene that I had been waiting for. The one reminiscent of Captain America vs Bucky Barnes or even Spock vs Khan (Star Trek Into Darkness). Instead though this movie reminded me of the Amazing Spider Man 2, where I waited the whole movie for a scene that was never coming. Trust me I wanted this movie to be good, and it was in most respects. But when are we going to get that Villian that scares the wits out of us. Someone with no mercy, no respect, and with all the determination in the world to make the Avengers suffer? I mean who else thought it was just a little too easy to defeat Ultron?

So what do you think? What was your take on Spader's' Ultron? Forgettable or not? Or were my expectations just too high? Remember just my opinion, don't let this stop you from watching a good showing from Marvel Studios.


What did you think of Ultron?


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