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If they hurt you, hurt them back. If they kill you, get back up and walk it off.

Watching this on opening night was probably the most fun I've had in a while. And by a while I mean since I saw "The Kingsman." That being said, you can probably guess how un-eventfull my life is. But your here for Tony Stark and a sore Thor (see what I did there?) and not a therapy setion, so let's start off with the story.

So without spoiling anything, "Age of Ultron" is centered around a rampaging AI (Artificial Intelligence) created by Tony Stark by the name of Ultron. Without spoiling anything Ultron gets some false ideologies, a couple of people who already hate the Avengers, and tries to do some evil thing that may or may not involve kiiling people and taking over the world. So basically your usual villian stuff.

Now don't get me wrong when I say that "the usual" is going on here, because this movie is anything but. Since this is a sequel, most of the character development is out of the way, so somebody give Marvel a cookie for leaving out the long boring character development sequence that usually comes with every Marvel movie. Instead, we get several action sequences that are highly entertaining. Especially with the strong foundation set by the intro.

Speaking of which, the intro is highly entertaining and sets up a few jokes that I guarentee will keep you laughing throughout the film. Another trait that the intro gives is how much the different characters have grown and developed both as a team and as individuals. Especially the developement of Captain America.

Captain in other movies seemed like he wasn't able to match the pure strength, skill, and overall Likableness of other characters, of course the exception of the pity points they gave him in the first Avengers film (seriously Marvel, you've bragged about how strong Thor's hammer is and you let it get blocked by Captain America?). Captain America in "Age of Ultron," however, definitely keeps up with the group and can even be argued to be important (other than telling Hulk to smash which i'm very depressed was left out in this movie).

Ok, so maybe i'm a little biased against Cap, but hey, you give me an exposition-based boring first film that put me to sleep then you've got a thing or two to make up for. But since Captain America was entertaining for once, give Marvel another cookie.

However, where the real developement happens is when you turn your attention to Hawkeye. Since the guy is pretty much just another guy with really, really good aim, putting him next to mutants, geniouses, and gods then he'll probabaly get outshined. However, Marvel really emphasized both his character and importance to the rest of the team without spending an hour shoving exposition down our throat. If your keeping track, Marvel has officially earned 3 cookies so far.

Since we're on the developement subject, not like half this review is about developement, i'm going to take a second to talk about Ultron. As a villain, Ultron is actually pretty entertaining. Not as entertaining as other villains from other movies, but at least he's unique. He definitely lives up to Loki, which I am very upset wasn't included.

Speaking of casting, every different movie series is represented here including Falcon, War Machine, that insane doctor guy from Thor (that i'm too lazy to look up his name), and mentioning characters such as Pepper and Thor's girlfriend (again, really lazy). While I have to give credit to whoever casted this movie for taking on a pretty large task, I felt like some of the characters weren't needed. That being said, I expect Loki to be in the next movie or someone's gonna be Thor (someone's going to kill me for the puns). I'd take away a cookie, but i've got that canned chicken that my grandma sent me which is taking up space, so they can have that (not cool grandma, not cool).

Combining the action, comedy, and well balanced action to talking ratio, "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" definitely not only lives up to it's successor, but even trumps it. The only reason the score isn't quite as high as some may say it should be is because there's almost this feeling as if something is.....missing. I can't quite put my finger on it but it feels like something has been left out (other than Loki mind you).

Let's just hope Disney can keep this up with their other oncoming films. Otherwise they can expect more canned chicken and less cookies.


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