ByMichelle Holmer-Shawberry, writer at
Michelle Holmer-Shawberry

My dads house used to be a part of the underground railroad... Well about a month after we moved in, the balls on the pool table started moving, we could hear them being pushed into each other, the cupboard doors would all be open in the morning, the pantry door would be open and there was always this god awful Smell in the basement. Also, my step mom found a ring in the cupboard that when she had put on, she became angry and thought about hurting everyone in the house.... Well one day, my sister and I were carrying a bed frame up the stairs of the basement and I felt the need to look behind me... At the bottom of the steps stood a young girl, maybe 9-12 years old, wearing a black dress with white ruffles around the edges. She reached her hand out to me then vanished. My sister never saw her... Then when we stepped outside it instantly started thundering when rain wasn't in the forecast what so ever. It was so creepy!!! Later, we found out that a man had murdered his wife and daughter because he found out they were helping black people. He then hung himself in the closet of what was my bedroom... We moved out shortly after because the haunting started getting worse. The ghosts were throwing things and with four kids in the house it became unsafe.


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