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As many of you know David Ayer has officially released pictures of the Suicide Squad. In my opinion it looks pretty cool , but a lot of people have been pointing out that the Jared Leto's Joker is missing from this picture.

Official Look at the Suicide Squad
Official Look at the Suicide Squad

Well the simple answer is that Jared Leto's Joker is not apart of the Suicide Squad. You might be thinking I'm crazy but there is a lot evidence that he is not apart of the "Squad". So what role would the Joker have in this movie?

Joker is the Main Villain

Even though the Suicide Squad is composed of villains they are technically the "good guys". The whole purpose of the Suicide Squad that they are given a task to take down a big baddie. In this case it would be the Joker. My reason for thinking of this is because there was a DC Animated Movie that came out a while back called "Batman Assault on Arkham" and it featured the suicide squad. They were given the task to get into Arkham and get the Joker because he had planted bombs around Gotham City. The movie will probably go with a different story but will probably have the same Idea.

Also to prove my claim even more, David Ayer shared a picture a while back on twitter of the Suicide Squad and Jared Leto was missing from the gang once again.

Pre-Suicide Squad
Pre-Suicide Squad

All of this just proves Joker is the "Villain" of this movie what do you think?


What do you think of my theory?


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