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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

Now, I want to make clear, this is not any particular list, I'm not putting in order or trying to one up anything. I actually just finished watching Public Enemy tonight as I hadn't seen it in awhile and felt the hankering. The movie stars of course Johnny Depp and Christian Bale but hosts so many other talents like Billy Crudup, Stephen Dorff, and Jason Clarke to name a few. Made me think about all the actors I feel are really under utilized a lot or just don't make that big role to make it big. Like I said, I'm not ordering this specifically or saying they're not in big roles but feel that they could definitely be cornerstones for any film. So let's dive in.

Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany in A Knights Tale
Paul Bettany in A Knights Tale

The man from my title picture himself, and probably one of the most googled men in the world after the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Paul's been quite the actor far and before his physical form into the MCU recently. A lot of people may have recalled, hey, it's that guy who yelled a lot in A Knights Tale! It is, but you should also see his work in A Beautiful Mind, or The Da Vinci Code. He's an actor of many faces, being able to be the loud mouthed gambler or the dignified British voice of J.A.R.V.I.S that can capture your attention without ever appearing on screen. Has he had main roles? Yes. Has he been in some, so-so films, maybe. But what actor hasn't. Even in a not great film you still perk up to his presence. He's truly great and I hope bringing Vision to life in the MCU can hopefully lead to many more great things from Bettany.

Clive Owen

Another Brit, go figure. He's been on screens since the late 80's but not so many can call his name on the street. One of my first encounters with him was in The Bourne Identity as a small part, hitman. I thought he gave a great performance even there. Since then I've seen his face time and time again, in great films like Children of Men a great sci-fi thriller, where I think he proved he could be a great leading man. Inside Man, Derailed, and Killer Elite cemented it. He had some fun in movies like Shoot-em Up and Sin City but he doesn't just have acting and looks to give. His voice pulls you towards the screen as he sound calm, hypnotic almost. He's had leading roles yes, but give this man some more.

Djimon Hounsou

Gladiator, Lara Croft 2, The Island, Constantine, Never Back Down, Guardians of the Galaxy, I could do this all day. The man does it all. He's getting more and more recognized but I still believe he's pretty underrated. From model to movie star. Can you believe he's 51? So why don't more people know his name? I have no idea. He's typically in the background as a supporting actor, so why can't we get him more leads. Personally, before he was in Guardians, was my personal choice for our favorite Wakandian hero, Black Panther. He had the build, an awesome accent already being native to Africa. But let's move on as this is becoming the rave and rant about a fan casting.

Cole Hauser

Blue eyed devil himself, you know the guy who tried making Riddick's day a living hell in Pitch Black? Well he starred as the lead in Paparazzi, an okay flick that didn't get much recognition but he put on a pretty good act. He again has been in those good films, like Tears of the Sun, and Dazed and Confused. Yeah, he was. But never really got those lead roles. Even if he's a lead baddie he's still brilliant, one of my favorite performances was in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Yeah I know, but he was a pretty bad, bad guy. And with those baby blues he can just give you that stare down. Was good seeing him in newer roles in Transcendence and Olympus Has Fallen but I want a good, lead role for this man. Give it to him, I bet he'd crush it.

Ben Foster

I'll say it, I want more Ben Foster. And with the up-coming Warcraft movie, wherever you stand on it, I'm confident he will nail any role. Just about every time we see this guy he's gone or in the background. X-Men, Punisher, and 30 Days of Night, some of the earlier pieces I saw him in, he get's your attention then he kind of just hangs around the set and you get upset. I didn't get my fill until The Mechanic and was so sad when it ended. He was a bad ass. Bad. Ass. Yeah he bit the big one but he went out like a champ. Was great seeing him in Lone Survivor but I want more, I think a lot of people do. Give it to us. But him back in a film like Mechanic, have him go kill some baddies, fight dudes three times his size. He's good at it, and I want to see more. Less Jon, more Ben. Sorry Jon.

Barry Pepper

No stranger to war movies, so make him the biggest part of one. We Were Soldiers, Flags of our Fathers, Saving Private Ryan, I mean come on. I know these are large scale films, they have to be, but give us more of this guy. He's cool stuff. I first noticed him in Enemy of the State, the cool Ops guy, with the hair cut. But now every time I see him I get excited. A lot of people notice his face. Oh that's the guy from, uh, that one movie. Yeah, I get it. He's had a few larger roles but not really anything that does him justice. Put him in an action flick and have him knock around some bad guys. See what I did there. Give the guy more screen, he can work with it.

That's all I'm gonna do tonight, I could go on forever, I'll leave a short list here on the bottom and maybe I'll do a follow up with these guys. These are just my opinions, take them as you want. Let me know your favorite underrated actor. We all have someone different.

These guys deserve more but here's my list. Included BUT NOT LIMITED to:

Josh Brolin

Josh Hartnett

Cam Gigandet

Stephen Amell (Casey Jones, cannot wait!)

Vincent D'Onofrio

Christopher Meloni

Elizabeth Olsen (Not a guy, but worthy)

Miles Teller

Chris Evans (Too mainstream now?)

Jared Leto

Michael Fassbender

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Oscar Isaac

Garrett Hedlund


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