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So ladies and germs, I'm guessing if you're in any way shape or form excited for the Suicid Squad film next year you'll already have an opinion on this.

It all started so well with the release on Friday of an image of Leto's (Jared) Joker which despite hot debate I like. The tattoos' simplicity, the metal teeth, the glove and that short green maine all got me excited quickly. The argument amongst my friends currently sits at whether all of that shirtless glory is a little too insane and in losing his suit does he lose his menacing subtly and the bipolar nature of his calm but violent persona.

However what followed yesterday was a full squad in costume promo shot, and my hopes sank faster than the titanic. Now I have issues with the members of the squad I'm attached to in the comics as a preface and so I don't have an opinion on everyone.

Killer Croc

Why are you wearing clothes, why? Because I was lead to believe you are a 10 foot tall humanoid croc-man...even when at your most human you don't come close to being that dressed and discreet. I will say that I love the prosthetics that we can see and the detailing is giving the character life without the help of cgi artists (thankfully). There is however my issue because even if there's more it's hidden and considering how little Harley is wearing a touch less humanity would go a long way. I'm for the most part happy with this because they have taken his face right out of the pages, the rest we don't know now...


Now I'm all for diversity, the future of the MCU is lookin great, but that's because of the characters being represented not positive discrimination. I'm not saying that a characters race is important but Christ they could have cast a better diverse Deadshot. Will Smith hasn't been a bankable actor in a while (though I haven't seen focus to be fair) and his star power's dwindling. On the other end of the scale to the Killer Croc, Deadshot looks cheesy, covered in pads that don't suit the character or the movie. But his eye, that's where I'm really let down...the initial photo omits it but the next tweet revealed the mask. And he looks like he's strapped a light up yoyo to his face, it's just silly.

Now finally...

Harley Quinn

I'd like to state that the latest run of suicide squad (not the new suicide squad) in the new 52 introduced me to Harley as a character, and even I know they got it wrong. Obviously I wasn't expecting original head to toe harlequin outfit from her early days...but that would have been better than what is just a cobbled together shirt and leather pantie combo. Just because Harley is more liberal in her outfits nowadays doesn't mean she has to have every possible inch exposed. And it's so far from anything she's worn to date it's a little heartbreaking.

Finally the hair, and I pray to the costume department that we cannot see the red ponytail from this angle! Because the electric blue is more Ramano Flowers than Harley by any stretch, though it is often coloured blue it was black and red and shifted into navy. That blue is as far from navy as you can get short of sky blue. The tattoos do work in tandem with Leto's but what they consist of will hinge my opinion.

The Rest

To be frank everyone else in the photo is overshadowed by the disappointment despite Enchantress, Captain Boomerang and Plastique all looking the business. El Diablo looks like a Mad Max Fury Road reject and the others are men with guns (I feel they won't be making it to the sequel) which is not worth wasting words on. Lastly where's my boy Nanaue (King Shark) at? He better be good

All in all an inconsistent but average at best show by Ayer and I know he isn't the costume department but Jesus do some research the lot of you.


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