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Nicholas Sparks is the man that most people think of when they think of romantic movies these days. He's the powerhouse behind such movies as Dear John, Safe Haven, and, of course The Notebook. However, when he shared his favorite romantic movies with Rotten Tomatoes, none of his were on the list.

Here are the top five romance movies as chosen by Nicholas Sparks.

5. Casablanca

"Love often confronts us with some choices that are the toughest things of all. They include compromise and at times, sacrifice. And to me, 'Casablanca' did that phenomenally well.

4. Ghost

"[It] wonderfully incorporated humor and the supernatural and was a love story in which, even though the lead charater dies, he just can't leave the woman that he loves."

3. Dirty Dancing

"It incorporated music and dance into a story that rang of nostalgia and the world as it used to be, which seems so different, and yet the emotions that all of the characters experience-from the couple that falls in love or the parents or the sister-they all ring with authenticity."

2. Titanic

"It is really the only story in the top five that feels epic. I know that 'Casablanca' is set against the backdrop of World War II, and yet this one is epic, a giant ship, and we all know what's going to happen."

1. Pretty Woman

"This film wins because unlike so many films, this isn't a romantic comedy, it was a romantic drama, and yet there's humor, the performances are unbelievable, the chemistry between RIchard Gere and Julia Roberts was palpable on the screen."

So there you have it, from the king of romance is the top five romantic movies. While I don't necessarily agree with his list, I can appreciate how he wasn't conceited enough to choose his own stories but clearly took some time and decided which ones were arguably classics.

Do you agree with his list? What is your favorite romance movie? Comment below!


What is your favorite Romantic Movie?


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