ByHayley Black, writer at

When I was about four or five I was terrified of the basement in our first house, more specially the laundry room in the basement. One day I was playing with my doll house which was kiddy-corner from the laundry room and I was aligned with the basement stairs. While playing the boy-doll had a present for the girl-doll, so of course in my child-like mind she had to be put behind me so she wouldn't see the present. When I put her behind me I cannot describe the cold pain that I felt along my back, and I don't think I could ever forget it. The I heard what sounded like a knocking sound coming from the laundry room, so I creeped along the wall opposite side of the laundry room and there stood a man holding my girl-doll tapping her head on the doorframe and wagging his finger for me to go into the laundry room. I ran so fast up the basement stairs I'm amazed I didn't break my shins! I ran to my mother who was doing dishes, just screaming "the man in the basement stole my doll!" Over and over again. My mom, being the sweet woman she is; grabbed a frying pan and went down to the laundry room. She didn't find my doll, I never played with my dollhouse again, nor did I ever go down to the basement without my mom or older brother, but until we moved even if I went near the basement stairs I could hear tapping coming from the doorframe. It was absolutely TERRIFYING!


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