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I live in an apartment with my mom, brother, and sister. One day, my brother, sister and I went to spend a night at my grandmother's house and it was getting pretty late, so my brother had a room for his self upstairs and a guy who had rented the room upstairs across from my brothers moved out so my grandmother had let my sister and I sleep in her room and she slept in the room across from my brothers. It was around a quarter to 12am and I was watching That's So Raven and all of a sudden I hear a laughter and it sounded like a witch that could be from a movie and I thought it was strange and it scared me, so my sister was sleeping and I woke her up. She took me to the room my grandmother was in and I slept with her. But 5 seconds of the 30 mins that I begin falling a sleep, I had a halmer metal toy with a beer can in his hand. I woke up 5 seconds later by a loud noise and no one else heard it except me. It seems like someone was dropping it multiple times on purpose. Everytime I began to fall asleep it would continue to drop even more. Couple hours later, I really had to use the bathroom so I got out of bed while the halmer toy was still being dropped repeatedly and walked really fast in the bathroom. When I finished, I opened the door slowly and decided to go check it out so I went to the top of the stairs and took a step down and as soon as I did that, the noise stopped. So I just thought that was all and it wasn't gonna happen again but as soon as I walked back and crawled into bed, falling asleep slowly, the noise began again and when I open my eyes, I felt like I was being watched, so I sat up slowly to see the rocking chair moving back and forth and I layef down and just let it happen. The noise stopped when my grandmother woke up. She woke me up 15 mins later and when I went downstairs, I noticed that she had already woken up my sister and my sister whispered to me asking if I heard the noise of the toy droppinh constantly and it shocked me. I felt like I wasn't crazy. My sister also mentioned that she finally the laughter that sounded like a witch as well. She said it happened more than once. I never told my grandmother about that night because she's highly skeptical with these kind of things, she'd never believed us if we told her. The next time we came, it never happened again and the toy was gone and no where to be found. My grandmother doesn't even know what happened to it.


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