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VICTUS VINCIMUS is a military action, science fiction drama depicting the emotional horrors of war, the anguish of separation.

Meet Canadian Lieutenant Colonel “H.H. Bishop” The Commonwealth’s most astounding scoring aviator for WWI.

Meet “Edward Johnson” an intelligent African-American young man drafted as one of the Tuskegee Red Tail Air Fighters for WWII.

Our heroes must survive, by all means necessary, in order for them to return to their loved ones but in vain.

Meet Bernice Dumas a reporter, Bernice is their gateway to present time, Bernice is their voice as the picturesque beauty and the embodiment of their pain and anguish.

The story or climax is an apocalypse based on the warriors of the past World wars, coming back from their graves disappointed with how the world they lost so much for has become, they wage a different fight against the present world dominant forces and corrupt manipulators.


Despite the horrors and hardships of war, love blossomed between the nurses and soldiers of the Canadian-US infantry. Many fell in love with their patients and soldiers who worked at the hospitals or Field Dressing Stations. Often overlooked are the nurses of the Great War. Frequently disregarded will be the nurse practitioners with the Great Conflict. Poignant reports with the nurse practitioners independently bear witness with their extraordinary braveness, sacrifice and also problem with this brand-new value determination in their work.

victus vincimusNurses were involved in the day-to-day harrowing duties of Casualty Clearings Stations, Stationary Hospitals, Hospital Barges and Trains. Several shed their own lives or drastically broken their own well being. A few suffered war tension or shell-shock, formerly regarded some combatant’s ailment. Anne Marie Wilson is one of the brave U.S. volunteer Nurses who traveled and left her homeland to serve and help wounded soldiers regain and hoping to reinstate and give hope to these young soldiers fighting for freedom and their homeland.

On the other hand, as the war continued and as events soon proved, Canadians excelled in aerial combat. In providing many members of the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air Service and later the Royal Air Force, Canada made a great contribution in this field.

More than 23,000 Canadian aviators presented with British Forces and in excess of 1,500 died. The Commonwealth’s most astounding scoring aviator to survive the war was a Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel H.H. Bishop, with 72 victories. Seven Canadians earned the Victoria Cross in extraordinarily furious battling. The corps struck over the Canal du Nord, compelling the Germans once more to the Hindenburg Line, which was broken on the 27th of that month.

On ninth October, they took Cambrai. Throughout the period between mid-August to mid-October, the Canadians had endured in excess of 30,000 setbacks slaughtered, injured, or caught. Before long the two souls will meet in one of the normal episodes when the Lt. Col. H.H. Bishop plane was hit in one of the encounters with the enemy in the line. The Lt. Col was wounded and was brought to the nearest field dressing station.

The love story blossomed beyond the war and until the cold war was over. H.H. Bishop married the young nurse Anne Marie Wilson, and both lived together in New York, United States. When the Second World War erupted, many young American men were drafted. Edward Johnson an intelligent African- American boy who suffered the extremities of affliction and adversity. He was drafted as one of the Tuskegee Red Tail Air Fighters. Edward at a young age of ten always had a fascination through the cold bundles of war. He would dream of it. But then, young Edward spent his entire life learning. Admiring the great fighters who served their country and died in the process, as he would attend college, earning a degree. He too will come to meet his one true love (Natalia Della Francesca, a beautiful Italian woman) during their station in Italy.

Lieutenant H.H. Bishop will soon be drafted onto the Second World War, as well. In order to meet Lieutenant H.H. Bishop for the first time, who lives long enough to join the Second World War. Both warriors want one thing and one thing only, that is to leave the cold war at once.

Our heroes must survive it by all means necessary. In order for them, to return to their loved ones. Where sacrifices must be made, where lives must be tested, where mysterious secrets will unveil at an all new level!

In the not so far away future, the warriors of the past World war will soon come back from their graves to fight a different fight against the world total domination and how the world they fought once has become. It is time for Lt. Col. H.H. Bishop and the young Sgt. Edward and the war heroes and veterans to rise from their graves, from a different dimension they have spent the centuries and time to fight back in the Cold War the future will soon have.

All this is superbly captured in Victus Vincimus (Drones over New York), a panorama of hardship, disillusion, and despair, yet also of endurance and supreme courage. A story from the past between two war heroes intertwined and both fell in love during the war brought in the future to re-live the courage, hardship, and the story of love in war. In the near future, the souls of these Great War heroes will come back and relive the battle once they have fought and will defeat the unjust world that it has become. It will be a fight of the future, a Third World War that would be fought differently.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 1 Corinthians 15:52


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