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Eva Cervantes

I've had ghosts in nearly all my homes growing up, so I'm pretty familiar with the weird feelings. When my husband and I purchased or current home, we didn't know this one was also haunted.

It was about two weeks or so after we moved in. He and I were laying in bed reading, and we both heard someone at our bedroom door. We saw our youngest daughter in the doorway. The week before she and our son had a scary dark shadow in their room. So I figured she was having a bad dream. I asked her if she wanted to get into bed with me and daddy. She nodded. He and I scooted apart and made space for her between us. We felt her crawl in the bed. I looked over at her, but she wasn't there.

My husband asked me to go check on her in her room to see why she left. I went to her room, and she was sound sleep. She wasn't wearing the white nightgown she had on in our room, but she had on shorts pajamas.

Later we found out from our neighbors that a young girl my daughter's age had drowned in a pool years before across the street. Also the original owner of our house had died in our house, and she was a midwife. I think the girl's ghost wanted to be with parents and came to us.


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