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Now that the weekend has passed, I will assume that most of us have seen Avengers: Age of Ultron. I have heard mixed reviews coming from the fans and I have found many people disliking the film. To those nay sayer's, I have to respectfully and hugely disagree. I thought it was a perfect ensemble film, check out my review here.

But that's not why you're here. You're here to read my crazy theory on how Quicksilver could come back to the MCU. For those who haven't seen the film yet, I'm sorry to say that Quicksilver is the Avenger who dies, but it may not be the last time we see him. I have already seen the film 3 times and by the time you are reading this, I've probably watched it a fourth and every time I see Quicksilver perish, it hits me where it hurts and I'm sure it affected a couple of other people too. He was a character I really enjoyed seeing and was just getting to know. He was cool, funny, and his relationship with his sister on film really seemed genuine like the comics. It would've been interesting to see his reaction to his sister and Vision's relationship in future films, a relationship he does not approve of.

Rumors have it that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has signed a multi-pictured deal with Marvel, meaning he signed to do more than one film. Now since his death in Age of Ultron, one might ask how can he return? Well I have 2 theories.

1.) The first theory I have in mind is quite possible but may seem a little off. In the film we know that the Scarlet Witch can warp with people's mind, well what if she warped her own mind into seeing her brother Pietro. Scarlet Witch has been known for going crazy, come to think of it, she goes crazy quite often. It would be interesting to explore that in her character; in her mind, she's talking to her deceased brother and he acts like a conscience for her, being good or bad. The team could notice this and Vision is the one who helps her get through it, furthering their relationship

I believe this is a strong possibility. The character is still deceased but we still get to see him in all his glory, while offering a great story arc for Scarlet Witch and also her relationship with Vision.

2.) This second theory is my favorite and to be honest I really hope it happens, but I highly doubt it could happen, but here's what I think: Quicksilver Clone.

Hear me out here. In the Civil War story in the comics, Thor is in Asgard handling business there so Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards decided they needed more firepower for their pro-registration team so they decided to create a clone of Thor. Now that ultimately backfires as the clone shows no mercy and even kills superhero, Goliath. Still believing that the Pro-Registration is on the right side they decide to keep that clone throughout the whole series until it is defeated by Hercules.

Now imagine the film Civil War having Quicksilver as a clone? He would be imposing like Thor. He would show no mercy and would even get the chance to end the life of an Anti-Registration hero. Which one? I have no idea, I'll let Marvel decide that. Wanda has the chance to destroy the clone at first but is too shocked to see the face of her brother. Then in the climatic battle at the end, Scarlet Witch destroys the clone uttering the words, "You are not my brother." As a single tear is shed.

In both these theories, Pietro is still dead, but their are always ways to bring characters back while still being deceased.That is just my theory on how they could bring back Quicksilver. Now I could be wrong. This is all theory and maybe Quicksilver is gone for good, but I'd like to remain hopeful.

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