ByKen Christian Osial Balmes, writer at
Ken Christian Osial Balmes

My interests of the paranormal started from this experience.

I was about 8 years old when i first saw the white lady outside the window. Since then I've been seing and experiencing things that couldn't be explained by science.

It was a normal night for me and my brother, we sleep in an double decker bed to save up some space into our room i was sleeping on top and my brother below me. And beside our double decker bed was our window. The window had a screen on it so the mosquitos weren't able to get inside our room. Outside, you can see an old big avocado tree where we get our fresh fruit during the summer. the tree didn't even creep me out at firt until this experience.

I woke up in the middle of the night shivering, sending chills all over my body. as I sat up on my bed, i uncontrollably turned my head to face the window and saw a woman with long hair wearing a White dress standing and leaning on our window, I froze and just stared at her. I couldn't scream or move the bed to wake my brother below me. the woman suddenly dissapeard infront of my eyes i couldn't believe what i saw and covered my whole body with my blanket but still i kept on shaking from fear i didn't know how i fell asleep after.

When I woke up, I suddenly remebered what had hapened that night and told my mother about it, she just said to me that it was maybe just a nightmare or my imagination. But i know it was real. I can still see her eyes staring at me i couldn't remember the face but what i still remember her eyes. To this day i can still remember her eyes.


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