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its official david Ayer release this suicide squad teasing photos

it shows the realistic and awesome things about the suicide squad they are looking great and i hope they don't disappoint as fans when they do a live adaptation about special taskforce X

some of this characters will be furthered in tv such as captain bommerang and deadshot some are soon to be making an appearance including katana in arrow and killer croc in gotham

Who's heads are gonna get explode there's so many questions i'm exited about this suicide squad

and also joker might be in the movie but his picture is not there its just for the members.

and also in the background of them is the name of the DC Universe's most notorious prisons for supervillains Belle reve. its scary when you see (Welcome to Belle Reve) also It's either appeared or been referenced numerous times in TV, including in Smallville, Gotham and Arrow. i also hope they will reference batman or some of the JLA members

Lets Begin

Jai courtney(Captain boomerang)

nice costume theirs hi winter cap and also his trench coat but wait CAPTAIN it looks like his wearing a '80s-style satin baseball jacket with captain on it. its ok

but wheres his boomerang

as for his costume i think its base on the Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales' Identity Crisis. nut its also a new 51 with the fashion. i hope he gets enough screen time

and better than CW arrow adaptation of captain boomerang but this costume is truer to the comics

Adam Beach (slipknot) ?

Adam Beach's character has technically not yet been revealed, but the most recent rumor is that he would play Slipknot. he is just a minor villain of firestorm than robin.

he looks way more realistic than his comic base costume. i hope he has that unbreakable ropes just like in the comics. not just ordinary ropes

lipknot's real name is Christopher Weiss. He works for a chemical company in the Southern United States, where he develops his formula for the durable ropes he would later use.

Weiss is sent by the 2000 Committee, under the command of Henry Hewitt, to kill Firestorm. The villain Multiplex kidnaps Lorraine Reilly, AKA Firehawk. Firestorm defeats Slipknot and rescues Lorraine.

Slipknot would later join with other villains, such as Multiplex, who all attack Firestorm. This leaves Slipknot in police custody. and eventually joining suicide squad.

helping he will meet firestorm again and not being blown by the head by amanda waller

Cara Delevingne (Enchantress)

in the enchantress comics his original look he wears a witch hat glad they don't really used it she is not too much green

with many other guys with a gun its smart that dc brings that someone that has an costume and unique looking and with his name its suites the suicide squad and memorable to the new audiences

he little interconnected series of chains on the necklace is something we see in the New 52 version of the Enchantress, which is interesting

she has ties with dark justice league and Constantine could we see here in Constantine if ever they will continue the show.

Karen Fukuhara (Katana)

his apperance here is quite surprising katana will appear soon armored in arrow

That certainly seems to be a thumb to the eye of the "this is why we can't have Deathstroke" argument floating around the Internet.

she looks like the pre 52 comics and has that kabushi mask on and samurai looking dark enough for me.

her sword seem likely not to had powers in arrow universe but does his sword in the dc cinematic universe has powers. i think she will be the runner up and enchantress to have supernatural powers in suicide squad

we're getting creepy Enchantress and potentially-haunted Katana before Marvel gets Doctor Strange onscreen. Weird.

Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag)

he dress like a man in a uniform but minus the yellow shirt and he is not red head in this film he is quit good i really what that yellow shirt underneath that Kevlar. he is way more badass

taskforce x leader he would have a solid role in the film and will lead this disfigured suicide team

Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn)

current, roller derby-inspired look for Harley Quinn his pure white and insane for mr J.

the collar is very new 52. in the joker release pic joker has numerous tatto's including the word pudding its his existance that joker will definetly be in this film and i hope batflek will appear. There's a lot going on there, and she's a very popular character, so we'll likely look at her in some more depth soon.

Will Smith (Deadshot)

well floyd lawton does not have an eye patch in this one i think its a huge spoiler seemingly that he a red armored. i hope will smith wears an mask in this film. and has more action and eventually have a memorable role in this film.

i hope he will outscored the CW deadshot

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc)

im curios about this character being adopted in an live action film

he will eventually appear on gotham and he will outdone the appearance of in the gotham show

he got an humanoid look in this one hungry and ready to kill i hope its not his final costume also There's a bit more humanity to his look in the Arkham games than in the comics right now. he got that tooth covered face.

also he has that crocodile jacket. that might be an interesting peace.

Jay Hernandez (El Diablo)

El Diablo was one of the latest names dropped into the mix, and hasn't to our knowledge been officially confirmed by DC Entertainment or Warner Bros. yet...

he has a name on his jacket that's more badass also he has skull inspired tattoos on him looking more dangerous just like in his comic adaptation

Somewhere in between, we get this sugar skull-inspired fella right here.

this will be an exiting movie and i hope batman will make an appearance this line up will surely kickass


Are you exited by the suicide squad movie?


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