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First up is DEADSHOT ( Will Smith ) :

57 Dollar Paintball Mask
57 Dollar Paintball Mask
it should be on the right eye !!!!!!
it should be on the right eye !!!!!!

The image is really amazing if you consider originality

but this costume is not true to its comic origins

Also If you look carefully you will notice that that the laser thingy is on the wrong eye !!!! (as the pic from the comics shows)

There is also a slogan or quote written on his neck which is probably a motto of Deadshot

Will Smith might just pull this off !!!!!!

Let's Make this Fast

A Look At Captain Boomerang And Rick Flagg And Harlequin And Enchantress

Boomerang has the best look
Boomerang has the best look

Boomerang is rocking the beanie.... Jai courtney is completely involved in his look according to this pic

I dont know much about enchantress but i can tell you that this is as far as you can get from the costume from the comics

Joel Kinnaman is probably the best casting for Rick Flagg . 'Nuff Said

Harlequin looks true to its comics and also has a really good actress playing her.

The only disappointment is that Harlequin doesn't look as crazy as i thought she will be !

Killer Croc and El Diablo And Katana And Slipknot

I dont have any comments on Slipknot . Sorry !( because commenting on someone i dont know about is not correct)

Katana was introduced in arrow and also is now introduced into the DCCU and I must say that the costume is complimented by her pose and katanas.

Killer Croc is pretty weird , man ! He is not as big as he should be but he is rather menacing.

Last but certainly not the least is El Diablo who looks absolutely AMAZING....

He is by far the best casting and has the best look.

Even though he might look weird , guys ( or GALS ) who read the suicide squad comics would know that he is the most complex and emotional guy in the Suicide Squad.

We still have to get a look at King Shark , THe JOkEr , Amanda Waller and Whatever Common is playing......


Who is your most favourite character in The SUICIDE SQUAD ?


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