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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It's no secret that I adore Kristen Stewart, but she's not the only remarkable young woman who took Twilight by storm and went on to achieve more great things. Of course Hollywood has a tendency to 'prettify' their cast, but the beautiful women of Twilight have blossomed as much for their shining character and determination as much as their seemingly effortless natural beauty.

Let's take a moment to appreciate how gosh darn fabulous the Twilight ladies always were - and how far they've come.

The Vampires

1. Bella Swan

Actress: Kristen Stewart

See her in: Clouds of Sils Maria, Camp X-Ray

Remember her in Twilight...

Despite recently revealing that she found the sex scenes in Twilight 'agony', Kristen Stewart has a lot of love for the franchise that propelled her to mega-stardom, saying she's 'F---ing proud' of Twilight.

2. Rosalie Hale

Actress: Nikki Reed

See her in: Pawn, Enter the Dangerous Mind, Intramural

Remember her clan in Twilight...

3. Alice Cullen

Actress: Ashley Greene

See her in: CBGB, Wish I Was Here, Kristy

Remember her and the gang in Twilight...

The Humans

4. Jessica Stanley

Actress: Anna Kendrick

See her in: Pitch Perfect, Scott Pilgrim, Cake

Remember her in Twilight in this classic scene...

5. Angela Weber

Actress: Christian Serratos

See her in: 7500, The Walking Dead

Remember her in Twilight...


Who's your favorite Twilight beauty?

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