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Any junior high-aged girl in the early 2000s was bound to be a fan of the kooky, bright and funny TV show Lizzie McGuire. The Disney channel show was so popular with it's awesome characters, including an animated version of the main character, Lizzie McGuire, that a movie version was made in 2003.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie was a fun film about Lizzie and her classmates heading to Rome, Italy on a class trip (seriously coolest class trip ever), the film took a turn when Lizzie was mistaken for popular Italian pop-star Isabella and a whole chain of hilarious events were set in place, culminating is this fantastic Isabella/Lizzie duet:

The Lizzie McGuire Movie celebrated its 12th birthday on May 2nd so as the perfect birthday present, take a look at how much the cast of The Lizzie McGuire Movie has changed since it was released:

Hilary Duff - Lizzie McGuire and Isabella Parigi

Age then: 15

Age now: 27

What has she been up to? Following her time on Lizzie McGuire Hilary Duff has kept a pretty high profile, appearing in movies such as A Cinderella Story, The Perfect Man and Material Girls. She also had a reoccurring role in Gossip Girl and currently stars along side Sutton Foster in the show Younger. Aside from her acting prowess, Duff is also a talented singer (most famously singing the theme song to Laguna Beach) and released four albums, her latest single 'Sparks' was released on April 7th 2015.

Adam Lamberg - David 'Gordo' Gordon

Age then: 18

Age now: 30

What has he been up to? After both The Lizzie McGuire Movie and TV series Lamberg went on to star in the 2005 comedy When Do We Eat? and 2008 drama Beautiful Loser before leaving the acting industry! Following this change he headed to the University of California, Berkeley where he majored in geography. The 30-year-old currently works as a development associate at the Irish Arts Center in New York.

Jake Thomas - Matt McGuire

Age then: 13

Age now: 25

What has he been up to? He may have been Lizzie McGuire's annoying younger brother in the movie and TV series, but now Jake Thomas is all grown up! The 25-year-old is still acting and recently played Finn Avery in the YouTube mini-series Storytellers and TV movies Taken Away and Romantically Speaking. Aside from appearing on screen, Jake is also gets behind the lens and takes some awesome photographs! Check out his website over here!

Robert Carradine - Sam McGuire

Age then: 49

Age now: 61

What has he been up to? Following his time as Sam McGuire, Robert Carradine like his TV wife and children is still acting. His most well-known work in recent years is probably his role as Tracker in Django Unchained. One of Carradine's most famous roles was Lewis in Revenge of the Nerds back in 1984, and in 2013 he was the executive producer on the TV series King of the Nerds. In his latest role, the 61-year-old actor was in the TV movie Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda.

Hallie Todd - Jo McGuire

Age then: 41

Age now: 53

What has she been up to? Since her Lizzie McGuire days Hallie Todd hasn't acted a whole bunch on-screen, however the actress who played Lizzie and Matt's mom opened her own acting studio in California, working with talented up-and-comers. In fact, Todd's last film, The Mooring was released with her husband, director Glenn Withrow and starred 10 students from Hallie Todd Studios in leading roles.

Yani Gellman - Paolo Valisari

Age then: 17

Age now: 29

What has he been up to? In The Lizzie McGuire Movie Yani Gellman played the Italian babe Paolo, who we later learned was less than trustworthy, but since those days Gellman (who is actually American, not Italian as Lizzie McGuire may have left you thinking) has been super busy! His roles have included a recurring character on TV series Pretty Little Liars and roles in TV movies The Saint, Category 5 and Trigger Point with another TV movie, Boom being released this year.

Clayton Snyder - Ethan Craft

Age then: 15

Age now: 27

What has he been up to? After Lizzie McGuire ended, Clayton Snyder took a break from acting, but he sure didn't rest on his laurels, earning a spot on many water polo squads, including the USA Men's National Team and Italian team Promogest Quartu (I guess the time spent on The Lizzie McGuire Movie set gave him the taste for Italy!). According to IMDb, Snyder got back into acting around 2010 and has had a slew of roles, including guest stars on Rules of Engagement and NCIS. He currently has a number of other projects in post-production.

Ashlie Brillault - Kate Sanders

Age then: 15

Age now: 27

What has she been up to? While most of the Lizzie McGuire gang are still acting or in the industry, Ashlie Brillault has chosen a different path. She spoke to MTV News to let them know that she quit acting following Lizzie McGuire, and after passing the bar in California is now looking for a job as a lawyer. In addition to that she is also happily married with husband Joe, and as of February is a mother to a baby girl.

Bonus: Lalaine - Miranda Sanchez

Age then: 15

Age now: 27

What has she been up to? Despite Lizzie McGuire's best friend Miranda appearing through the whole TV series, she was actually absent from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but I figured she was much too awesome to have been left out of the list! You might have seen Lalaine since then in Easy A or TV series Off the Clock, she will also star in the upcoming drama/thriller One Night Alone. She also had a music career for a time, playing bass guitar in the band 'Vanity Theft' until 2011.

Source: MTV, IMDB


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