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I have had this insanely terrifying situation happen to me in a dream, or should I say nightmare.

In my dream, an impressive mammoth of a roller coaster stands before me. Along with a group of friends and family, we board the ride, excited for the rush and thrill of soaring at an intense speed so high in the air.

As soon as I sit, I realize I am having an issue with my seat belt and safety straps. They. Won't. Close. As panic begins to set in, the roller coaster is already moving. All I can do is attempt to hold on tight, praying I wouldn't plunge out of my seat, only to crash headfirst into the cement below.

Screams That Are Too Real

Sadly, this was the case for four who were flung off a rollercoaster called "Scream" at the Longshan Amusement Park in China. Apparently, they weren't given enough time to buckle up their seat belts properly, and therefore fell down more than twenty meters.

While two were injured, another two gravely fell to their deaths as crowds of people gathered around, snapping photos and videos with their cameras.

The ride called "Scream" consists of an arm that spins around a central pivot point, providing those aboard a high g-force ride.

For obvious reasons, I am now entirely freaked out about roller coasters. I am beginning to have a second mind as I realize the possible dangerous outcomes that have can occur.

With immense displeasure, I am sorry to report that instances such as this one are a lot more common than you think. Below is a small list of some examples.

Big Dipper Issues

A roller coaster known as the Big Dipper at the Battersea Park Fun Fair in England unfortunately malfunctioned in May 1972.

First, the rope snapped at the top of a hill. Then the anti-rollerback break failed, which created a mess with the chain of cars. Five children were killed and fourteen others were gravely injured.

The poor children! It terrifies me that what is supposed to be a fun thrill could end in so much danger and peril.

Oh, Deer!

One of the longest roller coasters in Europe called "The Ultimate" decapitated a poor, unfortunate deer who decided to cross the track at an inopportune time.

With a speed of over 50mph, one of the carriage of the roller coaster hit and beheaded the cursed deer, causing blood and the likes to spray over the passengers.

Dismally, this is not the first time a tragedy such as this has occurred to the wildlife at Lightwater Valley theme park.

A Real Crusher

The ride called the Mindbender at the Galaxyland Amusement Park in Edmonton, Alberta, disturbingly injured dozens, crushed one person's legs, and killed three people.

In 1986, four bolts became loose, which caused a wheel assembly to entirely fall off of the roller coaster. Shockingly, it seems as if this ride does more than just bend minds.

I now can't help but view these amazingly magnificent structures meant to bring joy and excitement to all as dangerous and terrifying, with one minor malfunction having the ability to cause pain and even death.

I hope I never return to my dream in which I cling onto my seat for dear life, as I feel myself getting lifted with every turn and loop. I can't even imagine what that would feel like in real life.

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