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(TAKE HEED: There be spoilers in here for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. So if you like your news spoiler-lite, I'd advise to move back to the homepage and keep browsing. But, if you like your articles dripping with spoils, jump in and join me! Water's fine.)

You'd be forgiven for missing out on yet another intricate and pivotal cameo/world building moment in Age of Ultron, because there were so many of them to keep track of, despite all of the action, witty lines and, naturally, an explosion here and there. Not that that's a bad thing.

I still cannot get over this fight:

But, did you know that AoU managed to introduce another female hero into the mix? An obscure and well observed choice of new sidekick for Tony Stark's Iron Man. Okay, now you're thinking "who was this? Was it Dr. Cho? Maybe one of the refugees saved from Sokovia? WHO, DAMMIT?! I HATE suspense!"

The New Kid In Town

Friday's chip. Card? External HDD?
Friday's chip. Card? External HDD?

When The Avengers were readying themselves for the final battle against Ultron and his makeshift meteor made from Sokovian land, J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark's trusted A.I. and, pretty much, right hand man/code, is taken out of action, then uploaded into The Vision, much to everyone's amazement and horror.

The Vision
The Vision

Stark obviously needed a new A.I. to assist him in his helmet close-up endeavours, so he searched through his collection of sentient programs and chooses one with the designation F.R.I.D.A.Y., a female-voiced A.I. (played by Kerry Condon) who comes to Stark's, and humanity's, aid when attempting to decipher a way to stop said meteor from wiping all life off the little blue marble we call home.

After some thinking, and web lurking, I came to believe the usage of the name "F.R.I.D.A.Y." was a hat tip to the character trope "Man/Girl Friday", made famous by Robinson Crusoe's faithful servant "man Friday", and, more recently, the 1940's feature His Girl Friday starring Cary Grant. Maybe?

His Girl Friday

The character trope suggests that the Man or Girl Friday is a devoted servant to their Hero, and, where they are neither absolute badasses that actively seek trouble or helpless when in distress, they can hold their own in a battle and offer a comforting shoulder for the Hero to unload their doubts over their quest.

A pretty thorough synopsis of Stark's new buddy.

Kind of similar to Pepper Potts...
Kind of similar to Pepper Potts...

Got That F.R.I.D.A.Y. Feeling

Friday in holographic form
Friday in holographic form

But after further inspection, and the belief that maybe I was over-thinking this whole thing, I discovered that in Marvel's Earth-616 timeline, Stark invents a A.I. secretary program called Friday. The A.I. would manifest as a hologram of a young woman with a friendly and youthful disposition.

Things would later turn sour as Stark began to use Friday less and less, culminating with her becoming angry and resentful from being shunned, and later rebelling against him as a teenager would their parents.

He's really not good with people or A.I., is he?

See what I mean.
See what I mean.

A hat tip to a classic stereotype or the introduction of a potentially new firecracker in Stark's back pocket, ready to pop, F.R.I.D.A.Y. could definitely be a fine mix of the two. But, I guess it just goes to show that no global cataclysmic event that may be thrown at the man, he just wont stop paddling in the wrong side of the pond.

But on the plus side, it was nice to have a new voice coming along for the ride in Stark's Iron helm.

What do you think?

Will Friday become a thorn in Tony Stark's paw?

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