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After the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V's surprisingly versatile video editor, gamers have been busy fulfilling their virtual filmmaking ambitions by creating their own fully customizable in-game movies, and you'll be shocked at how elaborate some of them are.

In the last few weeks we've seen all kinds of wonderfully imaginative films come out of the editor, from parodies of The Sopranos to slow motion-ified recreations of Baywatch beach jogs. But none have taken my breath away as much as this goosebump-inducing tribute to Fast & Furious franchise legend, the late Paul Walker.

Made by auspicious auteur GTA Wise Guy, the short film will be very familiar to those who've seen Furious 7 (and if you haven't, why not?!), though I recommend you remind yourself of the incredibly moving homage to brother Pablo before you go further:

Man, that video gets me every time.

With the loss of such a great actor still fresh in our minds, GTA Wise Guy thought he'd honor the memory of the great Paul Walker by recreating the tribute video inside Grand Theft Auto V, and the end result is pretty special.

Check out some the shot-for-shot comparisons between the movie and the game - glance quickly and you can barely tell which is which!

Brothers Until the End

GTA Wise Guy said he made the video after being inspired by Walker's life:

we're all a part of the fast family and we've all lost a huge inspiration that I'm sure fuelled for the flame for a passion of cars around the world. This is for Paul, one last ride!

The End of an Era

Iconic moments from across the franchise have also been lovingly recreated.

Gone But Not Forgotten

The in-game GTA characters don't bear an exact resemblance to their Hollywood counterparts, but the rides are pretty spot on.

Nothing Is More Important Than Family

This looks like the Fast and Furious game we've been waiting for - what a fantastic tribute that would be!

One Last Ride

As the two go their separate ways I was struggling to hold it together in the theater. The moment is handled just as beautifully in the game...

If you have a spare couple minutes, you should absolutely check out the full video below:

R.I.P. Paul. You're still in our hearts and minds.


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