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Between growing up in the 70's/80's being a huge film n game freak n love a good debate...god bless the internet!

In today's society convenience is king! From shopping (online, 24 opening hours) to media gaming and television! We were in my day governed by the fact that the shops were only opened during certain hours (and not on a Sunday) and we only had 4-5 tv channels that ran up to midnight and if you had a gaming device in your household you were considered lucky and the thought of smartphones and tablets were sheer fantasy!

Fast forward to today, with a few clicks of a button we can shop, watch, game and even look into the past and future (when it comes to games and films) with the upmost convenience! Don't get me wrong, I love Google, the internet and social media and especially gaming but the convenience has started the ruin the experience not just for me but also my friends and others too and maybe even you!

Let me explain...

Time and again I will sit with my girlfriend and begin to watch a new tv series which has been hyped up by the media. I would be generally be excited about this, in addition it would be conveniently recorded on my satellite tv device for viewing at my leisure. I may watch a few episodes or even a season or two but if my interest wains or they unnecessarily prolong the series over an extra season I feel it becomes unnecessary and I get bored and stop watching. This happens a lot and with so much tv available and at nearly any time I seldomly commit to tv. In addition with the sheer volume of programming out there I am constantly observing my girlfriend being tied down and getting behind on her recorded programmes, two words...over-saturated!


In recent years the gaming industry has started out stripping the film industry in terms of sales, promotion and time spent playing. Aside from which system/franchise is best, I find the biggest longstanding debate is value for money including microtransactions and season pass content. As an avid gamer I do purchase after content if I feel it's value and I have had endless debates with friends online about game content and time spent playing and indeed paying and I have come to this conclusion. When I was a kid growing up I could play on my Sega or Nintendo once I had finished my chores, schoolwork or had been out playing with friends or delivering papers. If a game was coming it wasn't massively publicized and it cost a lot more (Super Return of the Jedi on SNES cost me £50.00 back in the day). I could maybe attribute gaming to 10 hours or so a week. Flash forward to today, myself (and many others I daresay) go to work, have family time possibly a hobby and game. Others don't work or don't have children but would have a game system, games are cheaper and more readily available online or otherwise and there's a lot of them, online gaming has changed the scenery significantly too, in other words oversatuation again! People are getting through games and content far far quicker due to time spent playing and there being more adult gamers who play during night hours (I should know I'm one of them).

It's now got to the stage for me that I have got more unfinished games than I know what to do with to the point I am now leaving newer titles to go back and complete older. I go through spates of not playing to keep it fresh and come off earlier in the evening too!

Its the same with tv, Game of thrones had 3 episodes leaked on the net and I staved off

watching to not ruin the experience.

My end conclusion, with the exception of cinema (which still holds a magic for me) do everything in moderation if you want it to be fulfilling and to retain it's entertainment value and don't believe the hype and you you won't be let down!


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