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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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We get out first official look at the David Ayer's Suicide Squad! It's defnitely not what I expected but it's overall good. There are a few gripes I'll talk about. I'll just give some brief thoughts on all of them individually and then look at the big picture.

Going from left to right, our first person on the list is Slipknot, a fairly unknown a villain who has unbreakable knots. There are some spoilers regarding the fate of his character in the comics regarding the Suicide Squad so I assume he's going to be our "Red Shirt". He isn't really anything special, he's got a lot of rope if you look carefully so that's something.

Next is Captain Boomerang. He looks a little too much like a junkie. He's just got that look in his eyes that says "you got any drugs?" I can't see his boomerangs but there's duct tape gun holster which suggest we're in for a funny character.

I had no idea that Katana was going to be in this film. She looks a little too much like cosplay which is never a good look in a film. I'm also watching Arrow so it's a little awkward seeing her here. I'm judging too much, I'll just wait until the film for her.

Wow, that's supposed to be Enchantress? She looks like the girl from the grudge took a bath in a swamp. Not complaining about it, she looks really cool. I don't know much about the character so I'm curious what she'll be like in the film.

Rick Flagg be getting all the ladies. Not much to be said here, he basically looks like how everyone predicted so you know, he's there, that's cool. I liked him in the new Robocop film (queue the hateful comments) so we'll see.

Harley Quinn, about time! She looks like a punk high school student to that's something. I suppose she looks less theatrical but she's just a little iffy for me. It's mainly her outfit that bothers me.

Will Smith is cool again, yay! He's design shocked me the most but he would have to be my favourite. His armour looks bad-ass and going bald is nifty twist. I saw his mask, he's eye looks a little like a children's toy but I'm sure it will look better in film.

Killer Croc's one of those guys who would never be in a Batman film so I was glad to hear he would be in the film played by my favourite Lost character and that guy I didn't care about in Thor 2, then again, I didn't really care about anyone in Thor 2. He looks a little weird at this angle but I'm sure he'll look cool in the film.

I don't know much about El Diablo, DC Comics Database didn't help me. He looks like that guy from 47 Ronin who was on all the posters but was in the film for literally 10 seconds and I'm not using "literally" as a euphemism. His clothes are a bit awkward. Much like Harley Quinn, he looks like a punky high school student so I'm sure they would make a cute couple.

I wasn't expecting so many members of the team, I thought that first casting announcement was it but this will definitely be interesting. Let's see if David Ayer can match Joss Whedon at his directing skills in an ensemble film. We'll just have to wait until August 5 2016!


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