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Hey Guys! So let me tell you...I am a huge horror fan although I dont watch many horror movies because I can't find the time! (Read - They scare the s#!t outta me!]

So, yesterday I had a real life situation replay in my nightmare and now I am somehow compelled to write this post in which I will describe the horror event!

The following story is a true story -

So...I was at my Aunt's place last week. She has a nice apartment with 2 bedrooms. She lives there with her son. night a couple of my other aunts from neighboring cities decide to stay here. And when we are all together the real fun starts from 12. We are all horror fanatics and we would share haunted experiences all the time. So my cousin ( son of my aunt who owned the house) told us that recently a girl had committed suicide from the roof of the apartments. One of my aunt jokingly said that the girl would come and haunt us all. We laughed at it. And now I regret it.

It was 4 in the morning and everyone decided to go to sleep. After half an hour I woke up. I couldn't sleep after it. It had happened with me a lot so I didn't care. It was raining outside so I decided to have some air from the balcony. I went there with a chair and sat there with a can of coke (yeah, a coke in the morning!) I was drinking the coke and seeing it rain heavily outside. It was very dark but lights from a couple of houses were still left on. So I could see the apartments which were just opposite to ours very clearly.

Suddenly I saw a dark figure walking on the roof. The figure paced aross the roof but at one point it stood still. Its head looked towards me and I could see open long hairs. It looked at me for quite sometime and then it waved at me and jumped from the building. I kinda died at that point.

I don't know what happened. Whether I passed out after it but I woke up outside the entrance of the house on the "welcome " mat and there were my family members surrounding me. It was weird. Not only for me but everyone. A couple of my family members saw dreams of their own funeral. And others dreamt about waking up o a room with mysterious figures staring the heck out of them in a room. It was so darn weird!

I really can't express the weirdness. So forgive me for that!

Tell me your Horror stories! Write your own post about it!

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