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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Fifty Shades fans may have to wait until 2017 for a new installment of the Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele's kinky romance, but here's a piece of good news: an alternate ending to the 2015 blockbuster Fifty Shades movie has been released!

An emotional montage of Christian and Ana's greatest moments spliced with their struggle to cope with their heartbreak after the flogging fall-out, the longer ending is set to Jessie Ware's 'Say You Love Me.' Oh, grab a kleenex!

Here's a closer look at the alternate ending...

Those who have seen the movie know the theatrical version ended like this:

Christian wants Ana to stay after he upsets her by hitting her with a belt, but she leaves, simply saying his name as the elevator doors close, echoing the magical moment they met.

But wait - there's more.

As Ana drives away from Christian, she looks devastated. She wants to stay true to her own principles, but can't deny how important he has become to her.

Christian tries to channel his frustration into cardio

That's probably not gonna work, Christian. It's typical of his withdrawn nature that he tries to bottle it up and run it out.

The couple remember their most magical moments

Reliving the good times or simply torturing themselves? Everyone who's ever had a break-up knows that you have to stay strong to stop unwanted images popping up.

Christian is not ready to let go

He sends Ana a model plan,e a reminder of the day they flew in the plane together (pictured above). He is determined to pursue her but not having much success as yet.

Christian broods alone in the bed they shared

After keeping women at arm's length for so long, he must be distraught that the one he let get close to him left.

Ana has a good old cry

Cry it out, girl. Sometimes that's the only way.

They both relive their better moments

From their obvious attachment to each other - and the fact that we've got two more Fifty Shades movies coming - I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey...

Christian stares blankly in a meeting

His work - the thing he was always able to keep separate from his personal life - is now affected by his break-up with Ana.

The footage has officially been released as part of the Fifty Shades of Grey: Unrated Edition with Alternate Ending on Blu-Ray, DVD and iTunes Digital HD.

Here's the promo for the exciting Fifty Shades bumper package, featuring interviews with Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey), Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) and author E.L. James.

The alternative ending Fifty Shades package was released on iTunes Digital HD on May 1 and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray from May 9.


Do you prefer the theatrical ending or the longer, more reflective ending to Fifty Shades of Grey?

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