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It may interest you to know, as it did me, that YouTube celebrates its 10th birthday this year! That's right, the website that has given so many hours of entertainment to all of us has only just hit double digits.

While in recent years being a YouTube star has become a legitimate profession for anyone with their own camera and a great idea, back in 2006 there was one man who set the scene for low-budget, user-made videos, achieving viewer numbers that broadcast TV would be jealous of: Judson Laipply.

In case the name doesn't ring a bell, here's a refresher. Judson Laipply is the creative genius behind the enormously popular 'Evolution of Dance' video:

It's been a crazy nine years and over 291 million views since Laipply danced his way into our hearts, and while the 'Evolution of Dance' will live on on YouTube for years to come, whatever happened to Judson Laipply, and can he still bust a sweet move like this?

Well, while I can't answer the second question with any sort of authority, I can report that Laipply is still alive and kicking- ass, this is what the 39-year-old looks like today:

YouTube: Judson Laipply
YouTube: Judson Laipply

Back in 2006 'Evolution of Dance' went viral after racking up 23 million views in just two weeks, quickly becoming the number 1 most viewed video on YouTube at the time. This result was mind-blowing to Laipply, who had not uploaded the 6-minute clip to YouTube in an attempt to go viral, but simply to be able to get an embedding code for his MySpace profile!

These days Laipply still dances on occasion, having released the 'Evolution of Dance 2' in 2009, and promising the 'Evolution of Dance 3' in the near future, he also appeared as himself in Weezer's 2009 video clip for 'Pork and Beans.'

However it's not dancing that pays the bill for the YouTube star, but speaking to groups as an 'inspirational comedian.' The 39-year-old travels the country giving talks on a range of subjects such as change, choice, conflict management and team building in his trademark funny and engaging way. In addition to his speaking engagements and dance performances, Laipply also wrote a self-help book with the rather apt title 'Might As Well Dance.'

Just last week Judson was featured on Good Morning America in a celebration for YouTube's 10th birthday, proving that after all this time he's still got the moves!

With Laipply's video still picking up views all these years later, not to mention the numerous parodies by celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith and First Lady, Michelle Obama it's safe to say the Judson Laipply's 'Evolution of Dance' is a video that has firmly earned its spot in pop culture.

Source: Judson Laipply, Twitter


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