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NSFW Warning: The following article contains sexually explicit content that may not be appropriate for the workplace.

Penises. Every man's got one, but it's not everyday you you meet someone hiding TWO sexual organs tucked between their legs.

Juan Baptista dos Santos, born in 1843 in Portugal, was one such rare specimen. The extraordinary Santos was not only born with three legs, but was also endowed with an extra snake in his trousers, too. Oh, and that's on top of the four testicles rounding out his legendary set of auxiliary appendages.

'(He) finishes with one, then continues with the other'

[Credit: Twitter @diphallicdude]
[Credit: Twitter @diphallicdude]

If you're thinking this is some third-nipple type deal where the extra member resembles more some kind of negligible nubbin than a fully fledged double-dong, take a look at this startling account from a man who once photographed Santos in the flesh:

the sight of a female is sufficient to excite his amorous propensities. He functions with both of the penes, finishes with one, then continues with the other.

You wouldn't be alone in thinking a man such as Santos would struggle in finding a suitable sexual partner equipped to deal with this exceptional organ arrangement. Well, they say there's a perfect match for everyone - a saying epitomized by these two love birds:

(L) Dumas, (R) Santos
(L) Dumas, (R) Santos

In the 1800s another individual had become notorious for her atypical sexual organs. Her name was Blanche Dumas (the woman on the left), also known in Paris as the '3-legged Courtesan.' Dumas was herself born with three legs and two vaginas, making these two a match made in heaven.

Long story short the physically compatible pair hooked up, the logistics of which I'm sure you can figure out for yourself. It's such a beautifully romantic tale, I'm surprised the film rights have yet to be snagged up.

History Repeats Itself


Remarkably, over 150 years later, this love story of organ abundance may be about to repeat itself!

Last Christmas an anonymous American in his mid-twenties known as 'Diphallic Dude' published a revealing memoir detailing his experience of living with two penises. Though his parents reassured him that his extra appendage made him special and unique, he understandably had difficulties fitting in at school. After all, a double barreled pee stream isn't the commonest of sights at the urinal.

[Credit: La Presse]
[Credit: La Presse]

He said:

"Initially I didn’t want people in school to know because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I didn’t want others guys to be jealous or feel bad that they didn’t have two. It was never put into my head they might hate me because I had two or they might think I was weird."

Since then, however, Diphallic Dude claims to have bedded over 1000 sexual partners and says his dual-manhood is more often a source of fascination and allure than any kind of deal breaking put-off.

Liberated By Difference

His blessing from birth has proved liberating for him as he's learnt to embrace his difference and celebrate physical diversity rather than criticize it:

I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do with whoever I wanted to do it with – whoever would do it with me. It was owning it, it was being me and accepting it and putting them to use.

In case you're wondering about logistical specifics, Diphallic Dude has said that his penises do pee at the same time, but can become erect independently.

Also, he has a favorite (the right one).

(Double Dick) Boy Meets (Double Vagina) Girl?

In a stunning turn of coincidence, our modern day Juan Baptista dos Santos might be about to meet his Blanche Dumas equivalent...except rather than a 19th century French courtesan, this woman is a YouTube star.

Earlier this week, model Cassandra Bankson revealed her atypical sexual condition: uterus didelphys. If you hadn't guessed it means she has two functioning vaginas as well as two wombs. Check out the video below for her own explanation:

In an interview with Barcroft media, Bankson said:

"It’s probably like a nose, if you could imagine it upside down. Everything looks the same so I never really noticed a difference but on the inside most vaginas have this opening and then everything is one large cavity. For me there’s almost this split right down the middle, just like a septum in a nose."

It remains to be seen whether history will indeed repeat itself again.

Regardless, it's stories like this that remind us however different we think we are from everyone else, however isolated and 'abnormal' you may feel, there is always someone out there going through the exact same thing. You just have to seek them out.

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